Farmville 2 Topsy-Derby Quest

This Farmville 2 Quest is for level 13 and up.

Farmville 2 Quests 1: Rodeo Round-up

All that animal care you’ve invested in is really paying off!


Have one adult Horse for the derby

Collect 5 Bridles to dress up your horses

Sell 5 Horseshoes


75 xp, 700 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 2: Handsome Horses!

Keep up the good work and your horses will be ready for the big day!


Make 25 Feed to keep your horses well fed

Place 1 Old Wooden Fence to keep things in order

Have a Lamppost so your horses can see at night


85 xp, 700 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 3: Steed Scrutiny

Visit your neighbors’ farms to see how their horses are looking.


Perform 15 neighbor actions

Feed Horses 5 times

Change your avatar outfit to disguise yourself


95 xp, 700 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 4: A Pony For Your Thoughts?

Come swing by the ranch and we’ll chat sometime about our equestrian friends!


Visit Marie’s farm and help her with 5 chores

Harvest 35 Strawberries

Craft 2 Strawberry Pies


125 xp, 700 coins

Farmville 2 Quests 5: No Horsing Around!

The derby’s here, now we just need to show off our horse skills for all the world to see!


Gather 3 Saddles for the big race.

Collect 5 Rhinestones to decorate your saddles

Craft 5 Pecan Muffins


440 xp, 700 coins

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