Farmville 2 Tree Frog Catching Kit Guide and Preview

Attract Tree Frogs and win items in Farmville 2 Tree Frog Catching Kit feature coming our way this Tuesday. Not only we can win prizes but these frogs can be used to speed up groves s that we can harvest it quickly. But in order to attract these frogs we will first to catch flies. There will 3 type of catching flies. First is we can use the Fly Paper, Flu Swatter and Fly Spray. We listed here the ingredients for these fly catcher and you can find it here:

Tree Frog Catching Kit

Tree Frog Catching Kit

Collect the following materials to build the Tree Frog Catching Kit.

Frog Catching Net, Frog Catching Gloves and Frog Box.


After completing and collected the necessary parts, you can now finish building it.

Tree Frog Catchig Kit


In order to attract Tree Frogs, we will need to have flies to lure the frogs. We will need to craft any of the following recipe to catch a tree frog.

Fly Paper


Fly Swatter


Fly Spray


There’s also rewards if you used enough tree frogs. The following items are can be received if you meet the right amount number.

1. Frog Garden Statue
Frog Garden Statue


2. Cow Lily Crop Packet

Cow Lily Crop Packet


3. Southern Live Oak Tree

Southern Live Oak Tree

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  1. I never got the frog table or quest or any frogs. Everyone else did. When are you going to fix this for those you left out?

  2. I have not gotten the Quest and all my neighbors have. I don’t have any frogs either.

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