Farmville 2 Tricks for Treats Recipes (Week by Week)

As we reported earlier that we will have a new feature in Farmville 2 called Tricks for Treats, it will also have recipes associated with it. How this Tricks for Treats work is we will have three weeks to craft different recipes and win exclusive rewards. Each week there will be new set of recipes to craft. We have here some of the early information regarding this feature and the different recipes that we will be crafting. This may help you to prepare the ingredients ahead.

Tricks or Treats Recipes


Tricks for Treats Building



Materials to be asked:

White Candle

White Candle

Caramel Dip

Caramel Dip

Black Dye

Black Dye

Plastic Spider

Plastic Spider

Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks



Gloomy Wreath

Gloomy Wreath = Black Bat Flower x10 + Black Feather x8


Spooky Popcorn

Spooky Popcorn = Corn x6 + Plastic Spider x3


Creepy Candlestick

Creepy Candlestick = Strawberry x6 + White Candle x2




Pet Plant

Pet Plant = Mud x12 + Rubber x8



Ghostling = Wool x4 + Black Dye x3



Heirloom Bowl of Eyeballs





Purple Candy Apples

Purple Candy Apples = Apple x4  + Candy Sticks x3



Fall Fritter

Fall Fritter = Pumpkin x6 + Caramel Dip x2





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