Farmville 2 Turtle Pond

Join Percy next week as we will build a Farmville 2 Turtle Pond. Get a chance to win a baby Spotted Turtle on this feature while doing missions. We will help Percy build the pond to help train the baby turtles that was strayed in our farm. We have below pictures and information regarding this unreleased building. The Turtle Pond will be release May 19.

Farmville 2 Turtle Pond

Turtle Pond


Build the Turtle Pond with help from your friends:

Build a Turtle Pond


Collect building materials to build the Turtle Pond.

Turtle Pond Construction


A complete Turtle Pond

Complete Turtle Pond


Materials for building the Farmville 2 Turtle Pond:

Turtle Statues

Turtle Statues


Bamboo Stumps

Bamboo Stumps


Fencing Rope

Fencing Rope



spotted turtle

Spotted Turtle


Wandering Turtle

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  1. Hi.

    How do I get a turtle pond.

    It is not in the inventory.

    Your response is apprecaited.


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