Farmville 2 Twoleaf Nightshade and More!

Farmville 2 Twoleaf Nightshade is the newest limited time crop that will be added in the game this February. You may plant, harvest and master this new crop up  to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of limited edition animals and trees.  Among the items that are included are the Bamen Mini Cow, Dorset Down Sheep, Irish Elk, Chupa Chupa Tree, Palo Verde Tree and more. Expect these items to become available at the Market on February 19th.


Twoleaf Nightshade




Bamen Mini Cow


Dorset Down Sheep


American Elk


Irish Elk


Manchurian Elk




Red Bead Tree


Palo Verde Tree


Chupa-Chupa Tree



  1. Chupa Chupa Pudding
  2. Chupa Chupa Juice
  3. Fruit Print Art
  4. Bird Fruit Feeder
  5. Red Bead Earrings
  6. Red Bead Necklace
  7. Palo Verde Pin
  8. Palo Verde Vase

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