Farmville 2 Unreleased Items for this week (04/21)

Here are some of the unreleased items in Farmville 2 that might be available any time this week. Among them are the “Bake Sale Table”. The Farmville 2 Bake Sale Table is a buildable deco which will need parts. we are suspecting that this may something to do on this week Farmville 2 quest. Also we have acquired some information on the upcoming Mother’s day items.

Farmville 2 Bake Sale Stand:


Parts for the Bake Sale Stand:

Doily, Chalk and Chalkboard Paint


Mothers Day Items:

Mama Pajama Cabana, Mother’s Brunch Setting and Birdhouse Collection


Mama Gnome and Tulipomania Bushel


Farmville 2 Unreleased Farm Animals:

Burford Bronze Peacock


Frizzle Barred Cochin Chicken


Australian Cashmere Goat



Forest Pansy Tree and Pink Grapefruit


Crops and Recipe:

Red Tulip

Red Tulip Bouquet


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