Farmville 2 Walters Soapbox Workshop

Help Percy and Walter get cars ready for the soapbox derby in Farmville 2 Walters Soapbox Workshop feature. Collect building materials from your friends by requesting them for parts or even helping them. Then finally, you will hire friends to build the soapbox workshop. The Soapbox Workshop feature will be a three week long feature where every week, we will be performing tasks to help Walter and Percy. This will be available on August 11 (Tuesday).


Walters Soapbox Workshop

Build the Soapbox Workshop


Place the Soapbox Workshop in your farm…

Soapbox Workshop


Upon placing the WALTERS SOAPBOX WORKSHOP frame, Walter will arrive in your farm and explains how this feature works…

Walter's visit


Once Walter’s is finish explaining about this feature, you will now have the chance to see what parts you will need to collect…

Build the Soapbox Workshop


Collect building materials with the help from your friends…

Racer Tires

Racer Tires

Car Blueprints

Car Blueprints

Pine Blocks

Pine Blocks


Once you’ve collected the required parts, you can now have a completed Soapbox Workshop.

Soap Box Workshop


Here’s a look of what could be the weekly reward:


Gearhead Seat

Water and a Gearhead Seat



Traffic Cone Planter

Power and a Traffic Cone Planter



Soapbox Garden

Baby Bottles and a Soapbox Garden



Black Spotted Pietrain Pig

Black Spotted Pietrain Pig

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