Farmville 2 Water Minigame

Upon opening the way to the Farmville 2 River expansion there will be a feature called the Water Minigame. The objective is use your Crop Dryer and the more number of times you used the crop dryer the more chances of getting more rewards. Among the rewards included are the four varities of lanterns that will light up your way to the river and a crop packet of Wasabi. So Collect all 4 Lanterns to unlock Wasabi!





Gus’ Lantern

desc: The rustic charm and alluring glow of this lantern just scream “shabby-chic.


The Iron Light

desc: Despite it’s stark exterior, this simple grey lantern emits a joyful glow.


The Brassy Shiner

desc: This brazen lantern is guaranteed to be a knock-out addition to any riverside farm.\


The Sunbeam

desc: Wish there were more hours in the day? This radiant lantern lets you pretend it’s always high noon!


Win all Four Lanterns to receive Wasabi Packets

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One thought on “Farmville 2 Water Minigame

  1. I was in the Hospital and did not get to do the quest .
    Is there any way I can do it now?
    Just wondering it looks like fun.

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