Farmville 2 Wedding Table Preview and Guide

You and your friends will work to build the Farmville 2 Wedding Reception Table this Tuesday in new Farmville 2 feature. We are now on the fourth week of the Walter and Barbara wedding event and for this week, we will now have the receptions. You will build the Wedding Table with the help of your friends of course in this feature. We have some early information regarding this release and a guide to help you prepare ahead.

 Farmville 2 Wedding Tables

Farmville 2 Wedding Table and Reception


Start of Wedding Table

The Farmvile 2 Wedding Table feature will start with a visit from Mary in your farm.


Farmville 2 Wedding Table

Place the Farmville 2 Wedding Table frame in your farm so that you can start building it.


Wedding Table Items Requirements

Once you placed the Wedding Table, click on it to see the materials it will need to complete it. As we can see from the picture, it will need 10 pcs each of the following materials Mini-bouquets, Cushions and Table Runners.


Completed Wedding Table

Once you gathered the necessary materials you will need builders. You can hire your friends and Farmville 2 neighbors to become your help. Once you have enough help you can finally finish building it. You can you from the picture what a completed Wedding Table looks like.


Inside the Wedding Table

As you can see there are items that are needed to be crafted in order to hold a Wedding Reception. A total of 5 Receptions is needed to successfully complete the feature.


Beside the regular reward there will be a final reward of a Romantic Double Swing.

Romantic Double Swing


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