Farmville 2 Winter Academy

Here’s a preview of the new Farmville 2 Winter Academy which is going to be released this November. You will build the Farmville 2 Winter Academy in your farm with help from your friends. Gather enough parts and place it in your farm. You will then complete the weekly tasks to win exclusive gifts giveaways. The Farmville 2 winter Academy is coming this Tuesday (November 20th).

Place the Winter Academy in your farm.



Here’s a look at the materials we will need in building the Winter Academy.



Ask or help your friends fr the following Winter Academy building parts.

Academy Signboard


Brass School Bells


Winter Fence Post



After collecting enough parts, you’ll then ask your friends to help you build the Winter Academy.



Finally you can have a completed Winter Academy building.



Check the REWARDS that you can win:

Baby Brandenburger Horse


Present Day Archway


Present Day Fence


Present Day Bench


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