Farmville 2 Winter Cream Separator Preview

Farmville 2 Winter Cream Seperator Preview. Check out some of the early unreleased image of the next feature that we will be having in Farmville 2. From what it looks we will be having a Milk Processor or Winter Cream Separator where we will collect Winter Cream from cows for 3 weeks. We will also earn points and win some cool rewards including the Baby Rocky Mountain Goat.

Winter Cream Seperator

Farmville 2 Winter Cream Seperator


Winter Cream Separator

Farmville 2 Winter Cream Separator



Copper Cream CansCopper Cream Cans

Walnut Boards

Shiny ScrewsShiny Screws



Winter Emmental Cheese

Winter CreamWinter Cream


Winter SpaetzleWinter Spaetzle


Cream LadleCream Ladle



Final Rewards:

Baby Rocky Mountain Goat

Baby Rocky Mountain Goat

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One thought on “Farmville 2 Winter Cream Separator Preview

  1. When I try the give-gets they are already gone. Then it tells me I have already taken too many gifts.
    How many are we allowed to get & in what time limit before it resets? Does the poster get the item even if we are not allowed?
    Do the ones everyone else already took, but did not hit like to mark, do they still count against us? Not very fair.
    I missed out on several of the events for the holidays because of this very issue.
    Another player suggested that some items are unlimited while others have a limit …but no one can tell me how often it resets or what the number is. I can play by the rules if only I know & understand them.
    I would also like to see a way to repost the extra items I have after my building or project is complete.
    Lastly for now…I do not want to put those yellow, red & blue ribbon signs out all over my farm…tacky. So how can I get rid of them?
    There is no delete and the items I could not use for the holidays are now stuck there…will not go into storage. YUGH

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