Farmville 2 Winter Workbooth

Here’s a look at the FARMVILLE 2 WINTER WORKBOOTH which is coming next in Farmville 2. You will have the chance to build this new feature in your home farm with help from your friends. Get and collect materials by asking your friends, helping a friend will also give you bonus materials. The Farmville 2 Winter Workbooth will start to roll out on Tuesday (January 29th).

Walter will visit your farm to ask for help.


Place the Winter Workbooth in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials you will need in building the WINTER WORKBOOTH.


Collect the following materials from your  friends.

Workshop Stool


Donut Stands


Yarn Tables



Here’s a look at a completed Winter Workbooth!



Check out the recipes for the WINTER WORKBOOTH.

  1. Snowman Macarons
  2. Knitted Earrings
  3. Crochet Vases
  4. Plush Snowball Bucket
  5. Snowman Centerpiece
  6. Painted Snowballs
  7. Miniature Snow Castle
  8. Ice Ornament
  9. Ice Carving Toolbox


Some of the ingredients for the WINTER WORKBOOTH RECIPES.

  1. Festive Snowman Hat
  2. Macaron Stand
  3. Rainbow Watercolor
  4. Sonwflake Sprinkles
  5. Winter Wildflowers
  6. Green Spray Paint



Check out the REWARDS for the WINTER WORKSHOP:

Winter Wish Fountain


Winter Windmill House


Czech Frosty Rabbit


Here’s a look at some of the images that are associated with WINTER WORKSHOPS.


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