Farmville 2 Witch Bunny Whispers Quests

Farmville 2 Witch Bunny Whispers Quest 1/3: Witch Bunny Welcome

This one is the littlest of the litter and has a hard time getting food. Let’s make her a special carrot stew so she gets attached to you!


Harvest 2 Persimmon trees

Harvest 20 Wolfsbane flowers

Wolfsbane is a special crop available only during Halloween. Hurry to buy some now!

Feed 3 adult rabbits


6 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Witch Bunny Whispers Quest 2/3: Fired Up

Let’s make a little pink lemonade and cookies to make the Pink Witch Bunny feel special. She also needs help firing up her cauldron for Halloween!


Craft 3 Strawberry Lemonades

Plant lots of lemon trees and strawberries to get the ingredients!

Get 5 Propane Tanks

Bake 2 Skeleton Cookies


3 xp, 75 coins

Farmville 2 Witch Bunny Whispers Quest 3/3: Ghouly Goo

The Village always has a Scary Cake competition this time of year. See if you and your new witchy bunny accomplice can cook up something spellbinding!


Craft 2 Witchin Batter

Witchin batter requires persimmons and regular batter, so get some wheat planted!

Craft 4 Ghoulish Ganache

All you need is sugar and milk for this concoction.

Sell 2 Scary Cakes


85 xp, 700 coins

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