Farmville 2 Women’s Clubhouse

Here’s a preview of the new Farmville 2 Women’s Clubhouse that will be added in the game this October. Build the Women’s Clubhouse in your home farm with the help  from your friends. You will then help Barbara who is planning to conduct a Council Sessions 4 times. If you successfully hold these sessions, you win exclusive gifts and rewards. Expect this new Farmville 2 building feature to be added on Tuesday (October 23rd).

Barbara will visit your farm to tell about the new WOMEN’S CLUBHOUSE.


Place the WOMEN’S CLUBHOUSE construction in your farm.


Here’s a look at the materials you will need to build the WOMEN’S CLUBHOUSE.



Ask your friends for the following parts for the Women’s Clubhouse:

Tea Tables


Clubhouse Curtains


Window Panes



After collecting enough parts, you will then ask your friends for help to build the Women’s Clubhouse.



Here’s a look at a completed Women’s Clubhouse.



Check out some of the new recipes for the Women’s Clubhouse.

  1. Compost Garden Planter
  2. Collapsible Bag
  3. Leaf Scooper
  4. School Supplies
  5. Bunch of Stuffed Toys
  6. Donation Bag
  7. Tea Party Set
  8. Vintage Bookshelf
  9. Magnetic Bookmark
  10. Luncheon Snack
  11. Fruity Mocktail




Here’s a look at the materials for the Women’s Clubhouse

  1. Compost Sifter
  2. Writing Kit
  3. Cookie Tray
  4. Classic Novels
  5. Magnetic Flap
  6. Wool Basket
  7. Fresh Fruits




Appenzell Goat


Bookshelf Fence


Bookshelf Archway



Check out some of the images that are associated with the WOMEN’S CLUBHOUSE.


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  1. Women’s Clubhouse is not responding. I am on the last play and it is stuck. I collected the 34 badges I needed. Now the number of badges is a negetive. I only have 4 days to complete. HELP

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