Farmville 2 Wool Power Quest

Zynga and Farmville is having a new building in Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests. Players will be busy for the following days building and finishing the new Farmville 2 Spinning Wheel on which they can make new items. With the Spinning Wheel they can now make the wools they harvested from Rabbits and Sheep into different colors of Yarn which in turn can also be made into more ornate products. There are 8 stage to complete and involves some crafting and also please remember that Adult Animals is Different From Prized animals. If there’s a ribbon like icon hovering in your animal it means that is a prized animal.

Note: The Farmville 2 Spinning Wheel will have 2 stage to complete. First, players will need to collect the materials and the second stage will be after collecting the materials players will need to ask their friends for help to finish building.

Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 1: Woolly Issues

The wool from rabbits and sheep can be made into valuable items! I’m interested!


Feed 2 Adult Rabbits and get the wool rolling in

Feed 2 Adult Sheep for even more wool

Harvest 12 Black Tea Plants, as I hear it’s not available for long


20 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 2: The Brush Off

Marie’s advice is true, it seems. Happy animals are productive animals.


Collect 5 Rabbit Brushes to keep that valuable wool groomed

Harvest 10 Blueberries for quality animal feed

Make 2 Blue Handkerchiefs with those extra Blueberries 


20 xp, 400 coin

Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 3: Round and Round!

There’s no time to mess around now. It’s all about the wool.


Finish building your Spinning Wheel

Feed 3 Adult Rabbits so you don’t run short of wool

Feed 3 Adult Sheep and gather that wool while they eat


20 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 4: Sit and Spin

Making yarn isn’t easy. The theory is simple but the engineering is tricky.


Collect 5 Sheep Shears to make wool gathering a snap

Tend your Spinning Wheel 1 time

Water 2 Pine Trees to keep your farm verdant 


20 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 5: Wheel Mechanics

I want to study how this machine works. Let’s have a look!


Harvest 15 Black Tea Plants for making tea

Feed 4 Adult Sheep, to keep them healthy and wooly!

Make 2 cups of Turkish Tea. It helps focus the mind on a problem


20 xp, 4000 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 6: Barely Made It!

This Spinning Wheel is something else, but the real profit comes from wool crafts.


Fertilize 20 Strawberries. I have an idea

Feed 3 Adult Sheep to keep their wool healthy

Make 2 Red Yarn. Smells like profit to me


20 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 7: Something Special

I know that look. They want a bonus. In this case, a special treat.


Collect 5 Alfalfa Bunches as a treat for those valuable wool-bearers

Tend 1 Spinning Wheel and keep the wheel turning

Make 2 Orange Yarn. It comes in all colors, I think.


20 xp, 400 coins


Farmville 2 Wool Power Quests 8: Keep It Up!

I think the secret is production schedule. You have to feed those animals regularly.


Feed 4 Adult Rabbits and brush them while they eat

Feed 3 Sheep to keep them busy while you shear them

Make 1 Orange Yarn Flower Bouquets for yarn-loving shoppers


Turkish Blanket, 20 xp, 400 coins

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