Farmville 2 Yellow Zucchini and More!

Find out here what new limited edition items that are in store for us next week in Farmville 2. We will have a new limited edition crop YELLOW ZUCCHINI plus new animals and trees. The animals includes Torte Swiss Fox Rabbit, Mini White Zebu Cow and Mini Brown Vechur Cow. There’s also new set of trees like  Ohia Lychee Tree, Bigleaf Maple Tree and Black Matipo Tree.

Yellow Zucchini and More!






Torte Swiss Fox Rabbit


Mini White Zebu Cow

Mini White Zebu Cow


Mini Brown Vechur Cow

Mini Brown Vechur Cow




 Ohia Lychee Tree

Ohia Lychee Tree


Bigleaf Maple Tree


Black Matipo Tree

Piece of wood

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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Yellow Zucchini and More!

  1. I am in the middle of a challenge that requires yellow zucchini and you removed it before we had a chance to finish it. Why put it out there as a challenge. It only came on line a couple days ago and it takes 8 hours to grow the crop. Sheesh! No wonder people hate these recipe challenges. They are to hard!

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