Farmville Atlantis Quest 6

Zynga and Farmville is set to release once again the follow up chapter on Farmville Atlantis Quests. Get a chance to win cool limited edition items by finishing the 6 mission before the time runs out (7 days). Each mission have their own corresponding rewards. Finish all the mission before time expire and you’ll have the option to repeat and win again the rewards.


Farmville Quests 1: Best When Bubbly

I fear my oxygen tank may be going flat. Not to worry, I’ve learned a few tricks to keep us moving along!

Get 7 Bubbling Gum
Harvest 100 Shellfish
Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times

Puffer Shark, 25 xp, 3000 Coins

Farmville Quests 2: Glow Below

There are a few objects we can collect to light our path!

Get 8 Glowing Bulbs
Harvest 150 Lava Lotus
Harvest Puffer Shark 2 Times

Bushy Kelp Tree, 50 SP, 3500 Coins

Farmville Quests 3: Architecture of Atlantis

This place has been untouched for a long time! Let’s be careful not to disturb the surroundings!

Get 9 Sand Rakes
Harvest 200 Sea SPonge
Make Lava Nachos 2 Times

Palace Courtyard, 75 SP, 4000 Coins

Farmville Quests 4: Mystery Anemone

Gladys gave me a list of ingredients to follow that will result in a mystery discovery!

Get 9 Mermaid Elixirs
Harvest 225 Triton Turnip
Master Puffer Shark to 1-Star

Anemone Monster, 100 SP, 4500 Coins

Farmville Quests 5: Seeing Sea Mist

I have a plan that will cut through this dense mist!

Get 10 Sea Mist Seeds
Harvest 250 Urchinberry
Make Sea Spongecake 1 Time

Rainbow Jelly Tree, 125 SP, 5000 Coins

Farmville Quests 6: Cutting Coral

There are interesting choices in this area of Atlantis!

Get 12 Coral Gems
Harvest 275 Ambrosia
Make Urchinberry Pie 2 Times

Coral Pegasus, 200 SP, 6000 Coins

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