Farmville Atlantis Quests 1

Zynga and Farmville is set and ready to release the newest addition to growing number of farms in Farmville Atlantis Quest 1. This will be different from the other previous ones as players will be farming underwater. The early access stage will cost players 35 FV cash but they will receive special items if they avail the pass.


Farmville Quests 1: Bubbly Beginnings

Some of the most common objects are the most wondrous in Atlantis!

Get 6 Bubble Gems
Harvest 30 Shellfish
Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Bubble Seahorse, 150 xp, 3000 coins

Farmville Quests 2: She Sold Seashells

There was so much to see and do when I lived here!

Get 8 Seashell Baskets
Harvest 40 Plankton
Harvest Bubble Seahorse 1 Time
Silver Shell Tree, 200 xp, 3500 coins

Farmville Quests 3: Sea Floor Secrets

Some of my favorite decorations have gone missing!

Get 8 Mermaid Tiaras
Harvest 50 Urchinberry
Make Shellfish Surprise 2 Times
Grotto Square, 250 xp, 4000 coins

Farmville Quests 4: Calling Old Comrades

There’s one trick that always works for calling one of my animal friends!

Get 8 Seashell Ocarinas
Harvest 60 Seawatermelon
Harvest Bubble Seahorse 2 Times
Seacow, 300 xp, 4500 coins

Farmville Quests 5: Troves of Treasure

I think I remember where I hid most of my treasures.

Get 9 Seashell Boxes
Harvest 70 Ambrosia
Make Sea Melon Sorbet 2 Times
Fluorescent Willow Tree, 350 xp, 5000 coins

Farmville Quests 6: Riding Rapids

We should be able to explore faster with the help of my other friend!

Get 10 Shell Wreaths
Harvest 85 Jellyfruit
Make Salt Water Taffy 1 Time
Seahorse Stallion, 400 xp, 6000 coins

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