Farmville Australia Quests 2

Zynga will be opening for free general access the Farmville Australia farm. Players will be traveling and working on this new farm setting with this Farmville Quests Australia. Players will be requiring to plant and harvest crops only and exclusively on this new farm. The harvesting of the animal requirements maybe carried out it other farm if the quest icon is showing in the other farm.


Farmville Quests 1: The Wonders of Australia!

So we’re going to start in Southern Australia today to show you about!

Get 7 Bush Leaves
Harvest 30 Field Peas
Harvest Daydream Island Two Times

Australian Red Boomer, 150 Xp, 70 Aussie Points, 3000 Coins

Farmville Quests 2: Cedar, Cedar, Cedar

Our next stop is to look around Victoria. I’m sure there are some great trees to see!

Get 8 Cedar Chips
Harvest 40 Shiraz Grape
Harvest Australian Red Boomer 2 Times

Pencil Cedar Tree, 200 Xp, 80 Aussie Points, 3500 Coins

Farmville Quests 3: Kookaburra, Kookaburra

The Kookaburra is one of the finest birds in the Outback! Let me take you to see them!

Get 9 Kookaburra Nests
Harvest 50 Sweet Corn
Master Australian Red Boomer to 1 Star

Blue Winged Kookaburra, 250 Xp, 90 Aussie Points, 4000 Coins

Farmville Quests 4: Best Friends

Cooper and I love to go around Australia. He’s a great sidekick and companion on these long journeys.

Get 10 Eucalyptus Leaves
Harvest 60 Australian Sugar Cane
Make Vitner’s Vest 1 Time

Sleepy Koala, 300 Xp, 100 Aussie Points, 4500 Coins

Farmville Quests 5: Cooper’s Adventures!

I think Flynn’s distracted with that Kookaburra. C’mon!

Get 11 Gum Tree Seeds
Harvest 70 Canola
Harvest Sleepy Koala Two Times

River Red Gum Tree, 350 Xp, 110 Aussie Points, 5000 Coins

Farmville Quests 6: Stable Hands!

One of the best things about Australia is the variety of outdoor sports! Horseback riding is my favorite!

Get 12 Horse Feed
Harvest 85 Yellow Lupin
Make Canola Oil 2 Times

Australian Brumby, 400 Xp, 120 Aussie Points, 5500 Coins

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