Farmville Australia Quests 4

Zynga will be releasing a new Farmville Australia Quest 4 this Monday! Players will be working on 7 days to finish this 6 stage mission. All requirements must be fulfilled exclusively in the Australia farm. But some of the harvesting animal requirements may be done in the other farm. The Bush Bread and Vegespread are crafted in the Aussie Winery and heads up for the 2 day harvest time Australian Sugar Cane. So let’s get ready to visit Cooper and learn about his secret hideaway.


Farmville Quests 1: Knock On The Door

So these are some places that just me n’ Flynn know about. He’s still sleepin’, so I figure I could show you them m’self.

Get 6 Door Knobs
Harvest 30 Kutjera Tomato
Harvest Daydream Island 2 Times

Coopers Treehouse
Coopers Treehouse, 150 Xp, 190 Aussie Points, 3000 Coins

Farmville Quests 2: Hiding Spots!

Hey mate! C’mon along! There’s still more tah see!

Get 8 Secret Keys
Harvest 40 Australian Cotton
Make Bush Bread

Secret Key Tree
Secret Key Tree, 200 Xp, 200 Aussie Points, 3500 Coins

Farmville Quests 3: Here at the Hideaway!

Here we are! Isn’t this great? This is where I stay normally, and now I can show you my cool stuff!

Get 8 Underbrush Ferns
Harvest 50 Australian Sugar Cane
Make Vegespread

Fern Kangaroo
Fern Kangaroo, 250 Xp, 210 Aussie Points, 4000 Coins

Farmville Quests 4: Intruders!

Well, now that we’re in my hideout, let me show you around!

Get 8 Bandit Masks
Harvest 60 Australian Pineapple
Harvest Fern Kangaroo

Bandit Opossum
Bandit Opossum, 300 Xp, 220 Aussie Points, 4500 Coins

Farmville Quests 5: Flynn Returns

Sounds like Flynn might be up!

Get 9 Hidden Garden Archways
Harvest 70 Australian Purple Pepper
Master Fern Kangaroo

Hidden Garden Tree
Hidden Garden Tree, 350 Xp, 230 Aussie Points, 5000 Coins

Farmville Quests 6: Gifts for Brody

He always does this! “Cooper, we need to go help the Vineyard.” “Cooper, can you deliver this to Brody?” Its no fun. At all.

Get 10 Lorikeet Feathers
Harvest 85 Semillon Grape
Master Bandit Oppossum to 1 Star

Lorikeet Unicorn
Lorikeet Unicorn, 400 Xp, 240 Aussie Points, 5500 Coins

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