Farmville Australia Quests 7

Zynga will be releasing the next chapter in Farmville Australia Quests this Monday. This will be the 7th chapter of the on going series. There’s a trouble brewing in the winery and you will be helping Flynn to save it.  As we know for now Australia Quests are mostly done exclusively in Australia farm but some of the requirements may be carried out in other farm such as harvesting an animal. There are a total of six stage to complete and players must accomplished this in a week. Just remember to place the Post Office Echidna and Drop Bear Sugar Glider in the Wildlife Pen so you can harvest it more quicker.


Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 1: Winery Troubles Continue!

The dob in is that Brody’s wine’s gone sour. I wonder if it’s a larrikin (that’s a hooligan) or if its our Drop Bear again!

Get 6 Wine Barrel Corks
Harvest 200 Fava Beans
Harvest Australia Vineyard

Wine Barrel Shed
1 Wine Barrel Shed, 2 White Sand, 150 XP, 370 Aussie Points, 3000 coins


Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 2: Please Mr. Postman

I offered to bring Brody to the Post Office because it gives me a little more time with her.

Get 8 Forwarding Address Packets
Harvest 225 Australian Cotton
Make 2 Fava Bean Salads

Post Office Echidna
Post Office Echidna, 2 Volcanic Rock, 200 XP, 380 Aussie Points, 3500 coins

Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 3: Brody and Flynn’s

Here we are. Cooper and I were out here playing with his favorite toys when she came up.

Get 8 Wooden Wind Chimes
Harvest 250 Australian Pineapple
Make Pineapple Salsa

Wooden Wind Chime Tree
Wooden Wind Chime Tree, 2 Blue Seawater, 250 XP, 390 Aussie Points, 4000 coins


Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 4: Tracking the Drop Bear!

I’ve finally found a real recipe to trap the Drop Bear, but its going to take a couple different things.

Get 8 Peanut Butter Bait
Harvest 275 Lillipilli
Harvest Post Office Echidna

Drop Bear Statue
Drop Bear Statue, 2 White Sand, 300 XP, 400 Aussie Points, 4500 coins


Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 5: Catching the Drop Bear

So, I’ve heard that the creature lives somewhere around here.

Get 9 Eucalyptus Shoots
Harvest 300 Kangaroo Paws
Make 2 Lillipilli Cookies

Drop Bear Sugar Glider
Drop Bear Sugar Glider, 2 White Sand, 350 XP, 410 Aussie Points, 5000 coins


Farmville Australia Quests 7 Stage 6: Cooper’s Confession

Y’got me. Flynn, I’m sorry. Since Brody came along, you’ve not been my best mate!

Get 10 Friendship Bracelets
Harvest 325 Australian Sugar Cane
Harvest Drop Bear Sugar Glider 2 Times

Friendship Unicorn
Friendship Unicorn, 2 Blue Water, 400 XP, 420 Aussie Points, 5500 coins

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