FarmVille Australia Quests 8

Zynga will be releasing the next chapter in Farmville Australia Quests 8 this Monday and players will have to complete all six stage to win the rewards. There are a total six stage that players must follow and meet the requirements in order to receive the reward. They will also have 1 week or 7 days to complete all and if in case they finished early they will have an option to repeat again the quests. Just a reminder that Vineyard Bloodhound Puppy is harvested in the Pet Run.


Farmville Australia Quests 1 Chapter 8: On the Trail!

So me being the Drop Bear left an awful mess.

Get 6 Tire Tracks
Harvest 200 Australian Wheat
Harvest Australia Vineyard

Vineyard Bloodhound Puppy
Vineyard Bloodhound Puppy, 2x White Sand, 150 XP, 430 Aussie Points, 3000 Coins


Farmville Australia Quests 2 Chapter 8: Apologies

Man, I feel really awful about Brody leaving. Hopefully we can track her down soon!

Get 8 Apology Letters
Harvest 225 Canola
Harvest Vineyard Bloodhound Puppy Two Times

Flower Cluster Tree
Flower Cluster Tree, 2x Volcanic Rock, 200 XP, 440 Aussie Points, 3500 Coins

Farmville Australia Quests 3 Chapter 8: Kickstart the Winery!

Let’s head back to the Winery. I bet I can find a way to save this place!

Get 8 Vine Posts
Harvest 250 Semillon Grapes
Make Canola Oil

Grape Vine Tree
Grape Vine Tree, 2x Blue Seawater, 250 XP, 450 Aussie Points, 4000 Coins


Farmville Australia Quests 4 Chapter 8: Helping the Koala

Alright, with the posts set up, and some of the presses working again, we just have a couple more things to do! Let’s get to work!

Get 8 Mop and Buckets
Harvest 275 Shiraz Grape
Master Vineyard Bloodhound Puppy

Cleaning Gnome
Cleaning Gnome, 2x White Sand, 300 XP, 460 Aussie Points, 4500 Coins


Farmville Australia Quests 5 Chapter 8: The Setup

So, I figured the best way to set those two up is to make a dinner for both of them here at the Winery!

Get 9 Vitner Aprons
Harvest 300 Australian Sugar Cane
Make Shiraz Wine

Winery Cooper
Winery Cooper, 2x Volcanic Rock, 350 XP, 470 Aussie Points, 5000 Coins


Farmville Australia Quests 6 Chapter 8: Cooper’s Plan

So, I know all about these kinds of things. Trust me! First thing we have to do is get Brody and Flynn some great music.

Get 10 Spiral Vines
Harvest 325 Australian Purple Pepper
Make Bush Bread Two Times

Bacchus Pegacorn
Bacchus Pegacorn, 2x Blue Seawater, 400 XP, 480 Aussie Points, 5500 Coins

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