Farmville Cider with Juicy Joe Quest

Farmville Quest 1: No Bad Apples

Cider is all about the apples. Lucky for you, I know the best ones to use.


Get 6 Kingston Black Apples

Harvest 50 Peppers

Harvest Dragon Lair 2 Times


125 xp, Cider Gnome, 2500 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Chipping Away

It’s almost a shame that we need to chop these apples up. I say almost because doing it is just so fun!


Get 7 Apple Chippers

Harvest 75 Pumpkins

Craft an Arborist


150 xp, 3 Pack of Turbos, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 3: Press It. Press It Good

Let’s press this cider, brah!


Get 8 Apple Presses

Harvest 100 Cranberries

Craft a Farmhand


175 xp, Cider Station, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 4: Juicy Joe

We’ve got a lot of juice here! We’re going to need some large containers to hold it all!


Get 9 Storage Jugs

Harvest 125 Chickpeas

Harvest Bunny Hutch Twice


200 xp, XP Book, 4000 coins

Farmville Quest 5: Spice Is Nice

I’ve found that adding a little cinnamon to the cider during brewing gives it a nice bite.


Get 9 Cinnamon

Harvest 150 Peppers

Craft a Fertilize All


225 xp, Cinnamon Bear, 4500 coins

Farmville Quest 6: Brown Sugar!

How come it tastes so good? I don’t know but we need to get some for our cider!


Get 9 Brown Sugar

Harvest 150 Sunflowers

Harvest Cinnamon Bear Twice


250 xp, Cider Cow, 5000 coins

Farmville Quest 7: Honey, I Sweetened the Cider

Adding some honey to our cider will take it to the next level of sweetness!


Get 10 Honey Jars

Harvest 150 Grapes

Harvest Cider Cow Twice


275 xp, Cider Horse, 5500 coins

Farmville Quest 8: Bottle It Up

I love this part of the process. It’s the last step before we start sharing the cider!


Get 11 Cider Bottles

Harvest 150 Peas

Master Cinnamon Bear to 1 Star


300 xp, XP Book, 6000 coins

Farmville Quest 9: Better With Friends

We’ve made some of the best cider I’ve ever tasted and we have a lot of it. Everything is better with friends. Let’s share with some!


Get 12 Friends to Share With

Harvest 200 Pineapple

Master Cider Cow 1 Star


325 xp, Cider Unicorn, 6500 coins

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