Farmville El Dorado Quests 5

Farmville El Dorado Chapter 5

Farmville and Zynga will release a new chapter in El Dorado Quests as players will have a new 6 missions. You will be working with the following stage Feel the Heat, Heating up, Getting Warm, Sun Dance etc. And you will get an exclusive item asĀ  a reward if you finish a stage and among the rewards that will be given away are Sun Dwarf Porcupine, Painted Rays Tortoise, Fanning Hugh Tree and among others. Just a reminder that you will have 7 days to complete the following missions.


Farmville El Dorado Quests 1: Feel the Heat


Get 7 Thermometer

Harvest 100 Eclipse Sunflower

Make Painted Pebbles 2 Times


Sun Dwarf Porcupine

Sun Dwarf Porcupine, 2 Gold Stone, 150 XP, 3000 Coins

Farmville El Dorado Quests 2: Heating Up


Get 8 Awnings

Harvest 100 Maize

Craft 2 Soothing Gel


Painted Rays Tortoise

Painted Rays Tortoise, 2 Gleaming Glyph, 200 XP, 3500 Coins


Farmville El Dorado Quests 3: Getting Warm


Get 9 Fire Feathers

Harvest 120 Heliconia

Make Body Paint 2 Times


Fanning Hugh Tree

Fanning Hugh Tree, 2 Gilded Pedestal, 250 XP, 4000 Coins


Farmville El Dorado Quests 4: Sun Dance


Get 9 Sun Colors Paint

Harvest 120 Turquoise Puya

Raise Soothing Gel to Level 3


Fire Water Fountain

Fire Water Fountain, 2 Gold Stone, 300 XP, 4500 Coins


Farmville El Dorado Quests 5: Burning Up


Get 10 Fire Eggs

Harvest 150 Butterfly Orchid

Make Colorful Horn Hat 2 Times


Red Smoke Stallion

Red Smoke Stallion, 2 Gleaming Glyphs, 350 XP, 5000 Coins


Farmville El Dorado Quests 6: Fire Power


Get 12 Coal Bed

Harvest 160 Chayote

Master Eclipse Sunflower to Level 2


Legendary Fire Wings

Legendary Fire Wings, 2 Gilded Pedestal, 400 XP, 5500 Coins

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