Farmville Enchanted Glen Quests 3

Zynga and Farmville is set to release yet another chapter in the ongoing Farmville Enchanted Glen Quest. And to welcome us to the new farm Aura will bring another character. There are several things to take note on this quest like the Dancing Dragon can be harvested in the Dragon Lair or you can also try placing it in the Zoo. The Sprite Duck is suppose to be put in the Aviary but it may also be put in the Duck Pond. This Farmville strategy may spend up your completion of the tasks.


Farmville Quest 1: Seelie Sprites

Sprites are quite particular and intuitive. They won’t come near anyone with dark or unseelie motives.

Get 6 Sprites
Harvest 20 Gossamer Ivy
Make 2 Midsummer Tea
Sprite Duck, 150 xp, 130 pixie point, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Would You Like to Swing on a Star

Carrying Moon Beams home in a jar is something you just can’t do in Mortal land.

Get 8 Moon Beams
Harvest 20 Boggart Bulb
Harvest Sprite Duck
Moon Flower Patch, 200 xp, 140 Pixie Points, 3500 coins, 2 Rain Drops

Farmville Quest 3: Rays of Sunshine

Sola is the Sun Fairy. In addition to you earning your keep, hopefully collecting Sun Beams will help us awaken her.

Get 8 Sun Beams
Harvest 30 Nectarkin
Harvest Home Mushroom Twice
Sun Beam Tree, 250 xp, 150 Pixie Points, 4000 coins, 2 Fairy Dust

Farmville Quest 4: Get Down

Us Brownies and Fairies love to dance. Let’s see if you can stay with us without getting served.

Get 8 Dance Steps
Harvest 40 Butterfly Roses
Make 2 Rosecake
Dancing Dragon, 300 xp, 160 Pixie Points, 4500 coins, 2 Magic Maple

Farmville Quest 5: Mortal Sweets

Psst, while we’re at it do you think you could bring me some sweets from mortal land? They’re really hard to come by here in the glen.

Get 9 Mortal Sweets
Harvest 50 Honey Melon
Harvest Dancing Dragon Twice
Mortal Sweet Shoppe, 350 xp, 170 Pixie Points, 2 Raindrops

Farmville Quest 6: Waking Cal

Cal the Stone Spirit lies in slumber most of the time. There is a spice found here that will awaken him. I hear you already tried spices on Sola?

Get 10 Stone Spice
Harvest 60 Goblin Vine
Make 1 Boggart Bread
Stone Horse, 400 xp, 180 Pixie Points, 5500 coins, 2 Fairy Dust

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