Farmville Enchanted Glen Quests 8

Farmville and Zynga is rolling out a new Farmville Quests with the latest chapter of Enchanted Glen Quests 8. Players will be busy for the next week mostly working to get the Home Mushroom fully upgraded as this is one of the requirements in the last part. Players will also need to level up their Fairy Kitchen to level 5 for the Bog Stew recipe.

Farmville Quest 1: Wind Talisman

We’ll need a talisman to protect each Guardian Fairy since the Home Mushroom is low on magic.

Get 6 Wind Talisman
Harvest 20 Dream Cotton
Harvest the Home Mushroom Twice

150 xp, Goblin Duck, 190 Fairy Points, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Storm Talisman

Tempest’s protection awaits. Though she was once a suspect, she now will play a key role in the Goblin King’s defeat!

Get 8 Storm Talisman
Harvest 20 Honey Melon
Harvest Goblin Duck Twice

200 xp, Tempest Gnome, 200 Fairy Points, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 3: Snow Talisman

Nix is stalling the Goblin King. I fear she is trying to redeem herself. Go, farmer. She won’t last long against him!

Get 8 Snow Talisman
Harvest 30 Goblin Vine
Make 2 Bog Stew

250 xp, Goblin Tree, 210 Fairy Points, 4000 coins

Farmville Quest 4: Rain Talisman

Imber’s talisman is the last we need to collect! But we’ll still need to focus their powers…

Get 8 Rain Talisman
Harvest 200 Dark Dahlia
Master Goblin Duck to 1 Star

300 xp, Winter Wolf, 220 Fairy Points, 4500 coins

Farmville Quest 5: Talisman Wand

This magic wand will focus the power of the Guardian Fairies and defeat the Goblin King for good!

Get 9 Talisman Wand
Harvest 225 Ambrosia Tulip
Harvest Winter Wolf Twice

350 xp, Imber Gnome, 230 Fairy Points, 5000 coins

Farmville Quest 6: Potion Test

Could it… could it be? Could this be the potion that will wake our queen?

Get 10 Potion Test Kit
Harvest 250 Pixieberry
Fully Upgrade the Home Mushroom

400 xp, Goblin Unicorn, 240 Fairy Points, 5500 coins

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