Farmville Haunted Hollow Chapter 5 Mission

Farmville Quest: Ent-Ertaining Guests

We need extra special, positively LIVING monsters for bringing in more nursery guests!


Get 6 Fey Dusts

Harvest 50 Sage

Make 3 Witches’ Brew



150 xp

3000 coins


Farmville Quest: Nibbler Nursey

A few haunted vegetables and some witch magic will create a fine baby plant monster attraction!


Get 8 Pumpkin Fungus Stew

Harvest 75 Green Toadstools

Make 3 Cauldron Stew


Plant Monster Arboretum

200 xp

3500 coins


Farmville Quest: Re-Were Of Cactus

Haunted Hollow has some interesting looking cacti, but witch magic will really draw the crowds to them!


Get 8 Witch Water

Harvest 125 Wormwood

Make 3 Crystal Cocktail


Were-Cactus Monster

250 xp

4000 coins


Farmville Quest: More Than Melon

We’ll need some basic ingredients for growing our sweetest plant monster yet!


Get 8 Pickled Melon Rind

Harvest 150 Spectre Berries

Improve the Haunted Mansion Level 5


Melon Monster

300 xp

4500 coins


Farmville Quest: Wisp-ering Willows

There are magical Haunted Hollow trees that love near plant monsters. Some are brighter than others!


Get 9 Wisp Seed

Harvest 175 Zombies

Master the Entling to level 1


Wis Willow Tree

350 xp

5000 coins


Farmville Quest: Winged Watering Service

We need a quick and mindful helper who is not afraid to be around sharp toothed plants!


Get 10 Witchly Watering Can

Harvest 200 Tombstones

Make 3 Invisibility Potion


Helper Monkey

400 xp

5500 coins

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