Farmville Haunted Hollow Chapter 6 Mission

Farmville Quest: Scaring Stiff

It’s not the prettiest beauty mud, but I know a recipe that can freeze away the strongest werewolf curses!


Get 6 Medusa Mud

Harvest 100 Green Toadstool

Craft 3 Crystal Cocktail


150 xp

Stone Willow Treer

3000 coins

Farmville Quest: Howler Housing

Maybe a relaxing tea in a cozy atmosphere is what this witch doctor SHOULD be ordering!


Get 8 Lycansbane Leaf

Harvest 125 Spectre Berries

Craft 3 Cauldron Stew


200 xp

Werewolf Hut

3500 coins

Farmville Quest: Praise the Sun

If magic moonlight brings out the werewolf, magic sunlight should scare it away!


Get 8 Sun Smoothie

Harvest 150 Sage

Craft 2 Fire Brew


250 xp

Solar Eclipse Tree

4000 coins

Farmville Quest: Moonlight Delight

To summon a werewolf ghost, we’ll need special magic trinkets!


Get 8 Moonlight Candle

Harvest 200 Wormwood

Improve Haunted Mansion to Level 6


300 xp

Forest Warg

4500 coins

Farmville Quest: Splice Thrice

This potion will take the wolf right out of the professor! We should test it on other things before we test it on him.


Get 9 Splice Cream

Harvest 225 Sage

Craft 3 Lucky Charms


350 xp

Banapple Tree

5000 coins

Farmville Quest: One Sneeze Away

We will use the most potent magic items in Haunted Hollow this time!


Get 10 Polymorph Pollen

Harvest 250 Zombie

Craft 2 Werewolf Bane


400 xp

Fuzzy Dragon

5500 coins

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