Farmville Hiro be a Hero Mission

Zynga and Farmville is setting up the for the return of Hiro in Farmville Quest. Hiro will arrived once again and on his vacation to find a Spring Rabbit. The quest will be a regular quest and can be perform through out all the farm. Players will have 14 days to complete all 9 stages and will receive cool rewards everytime they clear a stage.


Farmville Quests 1: Think Small

I was thinking the easiest place to look for eggs would be around chickens! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. It’s for a good cause!

Get 7 Chick Eggs
Harvest 60 Tomatoes
Harvest Chicken Coop 2 Times

Rabbit Ears Chicken, 125 XP, 2500 Coins

Farmville Quests 2: Funny Rabbits

I bet the rabbit gets lonely looking for all those eggs. Let’s paint eggs to look like other rabbits so there will be more! Isn’t that a great idea?


Get 8 Bunny Eggs
Harvest 90 Wheat
Harvest Rabbit Ears Chicken 2 Times

Rabbit Ears Gnome, 150 XP, 3000 Coins

Farmville Quests 3: Eggs in the Nest

Ok, we need to look high and low if we’re going to get even more eggs and help this rabbit out!

Get 9 Tree Eggs
Harvest 120 Peanuts
Craft 1 Arborist

Sprinkled Egg Tree, 175 XP, 3500 Coins

Farmville Quests 4: Edible Eggs

You know, maybe the Spring Rabbit likes food as much as I do! Well almost as much. What if we made the eggs edible?

Get 10 Chocolate Eggs
Harvest 150 Peppermint
Master Rabbit Ears Chicken to 1-Star

Unwither, 200 XP, 4000 Coins

Farmville Quests 5: Animal Cooperation

Maybe we can get some of the other animals to help us? After all, who knows animals better than animals?

Get 10 Pig Eggs
Harvest 180 Cabbages
Craft 1 Farmhand

Spring Rabbit Fountain, 225 XP, 4500 Coins

Farmville Quests 6: Dairy Delight

Let’s paint a pattern on the eggs from an animal that gives us milk; I’m sort of thirsty.

Get 10 Cow Eggs
Harvest 180 Sunflowers
Harvest Cow Pasture 3 Times

Rabbit Ears Cow, 250 XP, 5000 Coins

Farmville Quests 7: Scare Tactics

I never like to scare my animal friends, so that’s why I’m asking you! Maybe if you scare the rabbit from hiding, I can run to it and support it!

Get 11 Snake Eggs
Harvest 180 Squash
Harvest Rabbit Ears Cow 2 Times

Turbo Charger, 275 XP, 5500 Coins

Farmville Quests 8: A Rabbit’s Reasoning

Hey, I know! Maybe if we dress like rabbits and collect eggs, the Spring Rabbit will think we’re allies! We can act the part!

Get 12 Carrot Eggs
Harvest 180 Cotton
Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread

XP Book, 300 XP, 6000 Coins

Farmville Quests 9: Golden Opportunity

It’s getting late, and I promised my mom I wouldn’t stay out too late. So let’s give everything we’ve got!

Get 14 Golden Eggs
Harvest 240 Broccoli
Master Rabbit Ears Cow to 1-Star

Rabbit Ears Unicorn, 325 XP, 6500 Coins

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