Farmville Mistletoe Lane 5 Mission

Help Gordon Krumbug in Farmville Mistletoe Lane Chapter 5 Mission deliver holiday wishes to Mistletoe Lane. Players will perform the following 6 mission in 1 week for chance to receive different rewards.

Farmville Quest 1: Post Haste

I have more presents to deliver than ever before! Maybe Nick Tiller isn’t doing such a bad job, after all!


Get 6 Post Whistles

Harvest 50 Winter Grain

Make Hot Mint Choclate 2 Times


Baby King Penguin, 3000 coins, 150 xp

Farmville Quest 2: Letter Labors

Not a single card will be kept from a Mistletoe Lane mailbox on my watch!


Get 8 Letter Grabbers

Harvest 75 Potatornaments

Make Holiday Stew 3 Times


Frozen Snowfall Tree, 3500 coins, 200 xp

Farmville Quest 3: Post by Pony

Our horses like the exercise strutting through the Mistletoe Lane streets.


Get 8 Mail Saddles

Harvest 125 Flint Corn

Make Holiday Cookies 2 Times


Express Pony, 4000 coins, 250 xp

Farmville Quest 4: Synthetic Seasons

Nothing can replace a good holiday snowfall! Real or fake!


Get 8 Fake Snows

Harvest 150 Chocomint

Make Holiday Pudding3 Times


Holiday Post Office, 4500 coin, 300 xp

Farmville Quest 5: Trail Mail

Let’s collect a few things to give gift-givers as thanks!


Get 9 Sparkle Ribbons

Harvest 175 Frost Holly

Master Baby KingPenguin to 1-Star


Cuddlesome Cub, 5000 coins, 350 xp

Farmville Quest 6: Not-So-Polar Express

The Mistletoe Lane postal service likes volunteering at the town stables for parades!


Get 10 Holiday Saddles

Harvest 200 Wax Beans

Make Hot Mint Chocolate 3 Times


Holiday Express Home, 5500 coins, 400 xp

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