Farmville Mistletoe Lane Early Access Mission

Farmville Quest 1: A Step A-Herd

I saw interesting animals outside of town. They must be cold out here!


Get 6 Animal Scarfs

Harvest 20 Winter Grain

Make Holiday Pudding 1 Time


150 xp, Baby Llama, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Sneek Peak

A little looking from atop the hills will show us all sorts of wonders!


Get 8 Brass Spyglasses

Harvest 30 Cider Apple

Complete 1 Animal Workshop


200 xp, Frosted Manor, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 3: Festive Findings

A few touch ups outside the town can really liven it up from a distance!


Get 8 Holiday Garlands

Harvest 40 Winter Squash

Make Benne Cake 2 Times


250 xp, Holiday Square Tower, 4000 coins

Farmville Quest 4: Outdoor Oddities

Sometimes the least interesting looking places have the most interesting things to see.


Get 8 Wood Canteens

Harvest 50 Potatornaments

Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times


300 xp, Hot Spring Nessie, 4500 coins

Farmville Quest 5: Snowflake Fruit Fun

Maybe a little decoration can liven up these trees?


Get 9 Stringed Snowflakes

Harvest 60 Wax Beans

Make Benne Cake 2 Times


350 xp, Hanging Snowflake Tree, 5000 coins

Farmville Quest 6: Frosty Field Frolicker

The owner of these footprints sure was in a hurry!


Get 10 Exploring Lanterns

Harvest 70 Winter Grain

Make Apple Cider 2 Times


400 xp, Silver Jackalope, 5500 coins

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