Farmville Mistletoe Lane Quests 7

Farmville Mistletoe Lane Quests 7

Zynga and Farmville is set to release the next chapter in Mistletoe lane Quest, the Mission Part 7. Players will be starting to work for various task such as planting exclusive Mistletoe lane crops and making Patisserie recipe through out the 6 part. Up to now Zynga is not offering coins expansion in Mistletoe lane making players struggle to finish the quests. We as players also hope that finally Zynga will release the coin expansion for the Mistletoe Lane farm.

Farmville Quest 1: Firing Up For The Holidays

A jolly farm town can be two, even THREE times more jolly with extra lights!

Get 6 Tractor Lights
Harvest 100 Potatornament
Make Holiday Cookies 3 Times
Holiday Flame Duck, 3000 coins, 150 xp

Farmville Quest 2: With Noses So Bright

Help me put holiday noses on whatever has a nose. Maybe some things that don’t, too!

Get 8 Noses So Bright
Harvest 125 Winter Grain
Make Hollowberry Pie 3 Times
Nosey Gnome, 3500 coins, 200 xp

Farmville Quest 3: Dashing, Dancing, and Prancing!

If we’re going to bring dancing to the town, we’ll need top notch holiday dance equipment!

Get 8 Dancing Shoes
Harvest 150 Flint Corn
Make WInter Casserole 3 Times
Dancing Dingo, 4000 coins, 250 xp

Farmville Quest 4: Break for the Holidays

Time to get cozy! With a blanket and some hot cocoa!

Get 8 Hot Cocoa Steins
Harvest 150 Chocomint
Make Potato Latkes 3 TImes
Penelope Pig, 4500 coins, 300 xp

Farmville Quest 5: Presents

Some of the holiday decorations will work great in my magic show!

Get 9 Huge Presents
Harvest 175 Cider Apples
Master Holiday Flame Duck to 1-Star
So Bright Tree, 5000 coins, 350 xp

Farmville Quest 6: Love and Cheer for All!

Peace and Love of are musts for fantastically festive fun, of course!

Get 10 Peace and Love
Harvest 200 Rudolf Radish
Make Gingerbread House 1 Time
Peace Pegacorn, 5500 coins, 400 xp

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