Farmville Sleeping Bears Mission

Zynga and Farmville rolls out today a new Farmville Quests that players will be working for two weeks with a story about how bears hibernate. This quest is not exclusive for one farm but can be done in any farm. Players should always remember to place the animals on their respective pens in order to hasten the harvest time.


Farmville Quest 1: Time to relax for the winter

These bears need some rest but I just can’t get them relaxed. Let’s grab a few things that might help.


Get 6 Small fountains

Harvest 50 Lilacs

Craft an Arborist


Mystery Dart, 125 xp, 2500 coins

Farmville Quest 2: Let’s get cozy!

Looks like these bears are getting cold. Let’s grab a few things that might make them more cozy.


Get 7 Bulldog slippers

Harvest 75 Sunflowers

Havest Baby bunny hutch twice


Bear in Pajamas, 150 xp, 3000 coins

Farmville Quest 3: Nothing like a warm bath!

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a warm bath. Let’s see if it works on bears.


Get 8 Bath salts

Harvest 100 Peppermint

Craft a Fertilize all


Bathing Bear, 175 xp, 3500 coins

Farmville Quest 4: Tea time!

Tea is always a great option when you can’t sleep. Let’s see if it works on bears.


Get 9 Honey teas

Harvest 125 Daffodils

Harvest a Bear in Pajamas twice


Turbo Charger, 200 xp, 4000 coins

Farmville Quest 5: Let’s set the mood

Looks like this bear likes candles and warm light. Let’s make him more cozy.


Get 9 Relaxing candles

Harvest 150 Pumpkins

Craft a Farmhand


Unwither, 225 xp, 4500 coins

Farmville Quest 6: Bears can’t be bare! Get them a blanket!

This winter is turning out to be colder than the last one. Let’s bundle up!


Get 9 Teddy bear blankets

Harvest 150 Dandelions

Harvest Bathing Bear twice


Big Bear Tree, 250 xp, 5000 coins

Farmville Quest 7: This bed is freeezing!

You know there is nothing nicer than a warm bed.


Get 10 Hot water bottles

Harvest 150 Morning Glory

Master Bear in pajamas to 1 star


Cozy Bear Bed, 275 xp, 5500 coins

Farmville Quest 8: Time to get some shut eye

Looks like they are all finally getting to bed we just need a few more things.


Get 11 Bear eye pillows

Harvest 150 Broccoli

Harvest Big bear tree twice


Flying Dream Bear, 300 xp, 6000 coins

Farmville Quest 9: Snoooooreee\e2\80\a6. Shhhh!

They are finally asleep! Let’s make sure nobody disturbs them.


Get 12 Do not disturb signs

Harvest 200 Golden Poppies

Master Big bear tree to 1 star


Sleeping Polar Bear, 325 xp, 6500 coins

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