Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2

Follow the misadventures of the Candy Maker in this new Farmville quest offering the Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2. The Candy Maker is in trouble in this free access opening of the new farm extension Sweet Acres farm. Help him with this 6 part farm exclusive quest and win some exciting rare items.


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 1: Punch In!


Get 7 Fruit Punch Card

Harvest 70 Marsh Melon

Craft Impossible Vanilla Fudge


Fruit Punch Candy Cow

Fruit Punch Candy Cow, Sprinkle Strawberry Bushel x2, Marshmortar x2, 70 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 2: Everyone Has a Sweet Tooth


Get 8 Candy Kickbacks

Harvest 80 Cookie Petals

Make 15 Raw Sugar in the Sweet Shop


Candy Cash Tree

Candy Cash Tree, Special Delivery Box x2, Candy Blaster x2, 80 CP



Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 3: A Sticky Situation


Get 9 Gumshoes

Harvest 90 Gummy Bud

Craft 2 Sprinkle Splosions


Gumshoe Kangaroo

Gumshoe Kangaroo, Special Delivery Box x2, Sugar Hammer x2, 90 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 4: Under Sug-veillance


Get 9 Sug-veillance Footage

Harvest 100 Marsh Melon

Complete 1 Candy Orchard


Candy Sleuth Gnome

Candy Sleuth Gnome, Lotus Mint Bushel x2, Marshmortar x2, 100 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 5: Oooh That Smell!


Get 10 Waffle Cone Ingredients

Harvest 110 Lollipop Twist

Make 15 Syrup in Sweet Shop


Watermelon Candy Horse

Watermelon Candy Horse, Sweet Tea Cup Bushel x2, Candy Blaster x2, 110 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 2 Stage 6: Snap Out of It!


Get 12 Smelling Sugars

Harvest 120 Marsh Melon

Master Marsh Melon to 1 Star


Sugar Pegasus

Sugar Pegasus, Long Stem Cupcake Bushel x2, Sugar Hammer x2, 120 CP

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