Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7

Farmville Sweet Acres Quest 7

Welcome once again to the land of candies in Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7. Know behind  the secret on how to make recipe in the Sugar Shack this Monday, September 9 on the latest chapter of Sweet Acres Quests. The quest will have 6 stage and players must clear them all within 7 days to win all rewards. Since this is a farm exclusive quests only crops from Sweet Acres will be planted and harvested. Here are the full list of tasks:


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 1: Let Sweetness Ring


Get 7 Sugar Googles

Harvest 100 Sugarbell

Craft 2 Sprinkle Splosions


Licorice Candy Tree

Licorice Candy Tree x1, Mystery Game Dart x1, Marshmortar x2, 250 CP



Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 2: The Sweet Touch


Get 8 Candy Gloves

Harvest 150 Whoopie Thistle

Craft 2 Stunning English Trifle


Lake Candy

Lake Candy x1, Candy Blaster x2, Drop Lemon Bushel x1, 260 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 3: Inspiring Sweetness


Get 9 Inspiration

Harvest 200 Sugar Rose

Craft 3 Whoopie Pie


Magic Jawbreaker Tree

Magic Jawbreaker Tree x1, Pack of Turbo Chargers x3, Sugar Hammer x2, 270 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 4: Dedicated to my Sweets


Get 9 Dedication

Harvest 250 Whoopie Thistle

Craft 3 Mini-Baked Alaska


Candy Peacock

Candy Peacock x1, Special Delivery Box x2, Marsh Mortar x2, 280 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 5: Say the Magic Words


Get 10 Magic Words

Harvest 300 Butterscotch Blossom

Master Whoopie Thistle to 1 Star


Sugar Swan

Sugar Swan x1,Candy Blaster x2, Butterscotch Blossom Bushel x1, 290 CP


Farmville Sweet Acres Quests 7 Stage 6: Taste Testing


Get 12 Testing Bib

Harvest 350 Gumdrop Daisy

Craft 4 Smores


Sweet Andalusian

Sweet Andalusian x1, Sugar Hammer x2, Licorice Vine Bushel x2, 300 CP


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