Flour Based Recipe – Farmville 2 Kitchen

These are currently the flour based recipe in Farmville 2 that can be crafted in the Kitchen. Some of these recipe’s are limited edition and no longer available at the market. We included on this guide the selling price and the experience gained of the recipe. Remember these are for recipe that uses Regular Flour (from Regular Wheat) as one of the ingredients.




 Batter Level 5 290 coin / 4 xp
Chocolate Brownies Level 7 5 xp
Crepe Level 49 13 xp
Dough Level 14 240 coins / 4 xp
Pizza Crust Level 7 10 xp
Pancake Level 49 18 xp
Potato Roll Level 21 2170 coin/13 xp
Iced Apricot Poppy Cookies
Iced Apricot Poppy Cookies  Level 7  3110 coin/16 xp
Pie Crust
Pie Crust Level 7 380 coin/6 xp
Pinon Bread
Pinon Bread Level 5 2310 coin/15 xp



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