Hot Air Balloon is Coming in Farmville 2

As you may have notice in the loading screen of the Farmvile 2 game. Just in the the right top side corner you will notice that there is some hot air balloon floating the air. You might wonder sometime if you notice it that when it will arrive in the game. Well this week it may arrived ad zynga and Farmville 2 is setting up fort he release of this new feature. We have gather some information and early image on what or how this balloon will work. This will be the preview of the Farmville 2 Hot Air Balloons.


Build a Tethering Platform:



As soon as you collected all the necessary parts like: Windsocks, Sandbags and Propane Tanks you can now ask your friends for help to build the platform.

Windsocks, Propane Tank and Sandbag


You will now have the Hot Air Balloon once you completed the Tethering Platform.

Farmville 2 Hot Air Balloon


Click on the Hot Air Balloon and you will see the it’s menu:

Farmville 2 Hot Air Balloon


Once you’ve collected all the materials you can now click “Use up Good and Complete”


Final reward for the Hot Air Balloon:

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