How get Farmville 2 10 FREE Farm Bucks

A lot of our Farmville 2 friends are asking us about the free farm bucks that was being offered by Farmville 2 which is where you need to add the Farmville 2 into your favorite lists. Because of this, we are preparing this short guide on how to claim it. Remember this was announced weeks ago but if you still haven’t claimed it here are the steps on how to get it.

How to get FREE Farm Bucks

I have this “NOTICE” at the top left of the screen saying “Get 10 Farm Bucks FREE!”

Free Farm Bucks


I click on it and a message appears explaining how to get the FREE Farm Bucks.

Get Farm Bucks for Free



Here are the steps to get the 10 Farm Bucks:

  • To get the 10 free Farm Bucks, you will need to add the Farmville 2 to your “FAVORITES” list in your Facebook navigation panel.
  • At your Facebook home page, look to the left where a navigation panel is located. Locate the “APPS” section and below it you can see the “Farmville 2”.

Facebook navigation panel

  • Click on the “GEAR” icon just beside the Farmville 2 and you will see a list of options.

Click the Gear Icon


  • Select the “ADD TO FAVORITES”.


  • After clicking “ADD TO FAVORITES, you will then need to refresh the page. Do this by hitting “F5” in your keyboard.


  • Now locate again the Farmville 2 icon which is now located under your “FAVORITE” list.


  • Click the Farmville 2 icon to start playing.


  • Once you enter the game, a message will appear congratulating you for getting the FREE Farm Bucks.

Free Farm Bucks Claimed!


  • As you can see, the 10 Farm Bucks was added.

Farm Bucks increased by 10


  • There you are how to get the 10 FREE Farm Bucks. Reminder, this was been announced for quite some time now and if you already collected it, congratulations!

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  1. Didnt work for me need help to get the 10 free farm bucks please

  2. I like that you are trying to get people to stay but if you are going to promise people farm bucks then I feel you need to give them.

    I got the water and the power but no farm bucks

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