How to claim FREE Farm Bucks for Farmville 2

Yes for quite some time now Farmville 2 is giving away FREE Farm Bucks to players who register their account at Have you claimed it? Just in case you haven’t claimed it yet. We have written a guide on you can claim it easily and fast. Just follow this simple steps and you’re on your way in collecting some Farmville 2 FREE Farm Bucks. Before doing check first how much Farm Bucks is in your inventory. And you must be a first time player in



Step 1:

Farmville 2 Free Farm Bucks


Step 2:

  • Click either of the two “Connect with Facebook” or “Start fresh now”


Step 3:

  • A popup message will appear asking your permission, click “Okay”


Step 4:

  • After clicking “Okay” in step 3, another popup message will appear asking again your permission. You can click “Okay” or “Skip”.

Farmville 2 Free Farm Bucks Steps


Step 5:

  • You will then receive this message, this time you will need to fill up this form. The e-mail must be active and can be opened otherwise you won’t received the activation e-mail.


Step 6:

  • After completing the form in step 5, you will now then receive this welcome message. Click the “Go to Email” to activate your account.


Step 7:

  • You will then see this email message from Zynga with a title “Please verify your email address”. Click on it and once the message opens up look and click the activation link.


Step 8:

  • That’s it! You will received a confirmation message saying that you have just verified your account. Check your Farm Bucks stash if you received 5 Farm Bucks in Farmville 2.


What are the benefits in playing in Farmville 2 game at if you have limited friends that are playing the game or need some neighbors. You can find it or add some active players at the site. There is also a game stream activity at the side panel where you can collect or help other players.

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