How to make Farmville 2 Cricket Baits

On Tuesday, Farmville 2 will release the new building Cricket Terrarium where the objective is to collect cricket baits. In order to have these, we will need to craft them at the Cricket Terrarium. There will be two type of cricket baits and they are Two Cricket Jar and Three Cricket Basket. Here we will show what items you will need to prepare in order to make them.

Farmville 2 Cricket Baits



Two Cricket JarsPeachSugar Kettle

Two Cricket Jar = Peach x3 and Sugar Kettle x2


PeachPeach can be obtain from Peach Trees

Sugar Kettle Sugar Kettle can be obtain by asking friends.




Three Cricket BasketRopeCornmeal Grinder

Three Cricket Basket = Rope x3 and Cornmeal Grinder x3


RopeRope can be obtain from Adult Donkeys


Cornmeal GrinderCornmeal Grinder can be obtain by posting a help request.


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