How to Post Your Farmville 2 Feed Quickly

Posting feed or waiting for someone to respond to it is sometimes a pain especially if you are doing Farmville 2 quests. So we decided to come up with this guide in hope that it may help you on how to post your request alternatively and directly to your friends. We have listed a step by step process with pictures and we hope you get a hang of it quickly.



Step 1:

  • Post your help to friends in this example we are asking for “Boar Bristle”.



Step 2:

  • After posting¬†immediately right click on “Home” on the top right side and click “open on new Tab or window”


Step 3:

  • Go to the new window and look for your “FEED”


Step 4:

  • Right click on the links and click the copy link location follow the step in the picture:

The above example is if you are using the Firefox Browser.


The above example is if you are using Internet Explorer.


The above example is if you are using Google Chrome.


Step 5:

  • You can now paste the link to any of the following: message to your friends, post in a comment section in our website for others to click or email to your Farmville 2 friends and neighbors. Just don’t forget the “name of the item” of the link that you are sending just like in the picture.

  • How to “Paste”? just right click to the comment box or message box or even chat box then click “Paste”.


Things to watch out before clicking:

Make sure that link you are about to click is legit. You can know by reading the address of the link. Every link of Farmville 2 feeds will usually start at then followed by some numbers and letters.

Be doubtful if the the link doesn’t start with this line and if it is from unknown person or source.

Need help or suggestions?

15 thoughts on “How to Post Your Farmville 2 Feed Quickly

  1. Hello I need your alls help.I been playing For free farmville2 for long time.for always been online for free.well I cannot play whole game somehow it offline.Please help me get back online for free at no cost.I really appreciate this so much love this free game.cannot play whole free game cannot play coop and some buildings.Please help me get back free online at no cost.Thank you all God Bless Everyone always,Rebecca

  2. I have a fb group it’s called FARMVILLE 2 PLAYERS (Active) for players that need neighbors and help. Anyone that plays this game is welcome to join.

    • Hi! I am new to Fb and Farmville2 . At this time I only have one friend that plays FV2. I need a whole bunch of new neighbors to be able to play the game. Thanks

  3. Why when I play FV2 through facebook i have 150 requests when i log in, but if i open it through Zyngas website i only have 20 requests in the mail box.

  4. I started playing on FB and then switched to, I still have my same Farm and it is so much easier and faster to play on especially when visiting Neighbors. No more crashing ever 5 min. I am like one of the other Ladies, I now only log into Farmville 2 on FB to answer my help requests and get my gifts. I just wish would let our Post’s for item’s needed go out to all our Farmville 2 friends both on FB and I don’t know if that will ever happen? I have thought about letting all 3496 of my Farmville 2 friends on FB know I am playing on Zynga and that their requests will get answered faster if they join Zynga, especially since its free unless you become a VIP Member. But if you do become a VIP Member you get a free special animal, farmbucks and other special items each week, except the animal its once a month. Hope this helps someone and if anyone has any answers for me please contact me. Thanks

  5. How do you get it to come and and the debugger thing is crazy I don’t write programs how am I suppose to know what to do with it!!!!!1111111

  6. What do you do for posting items when its states:

    Sorry farmer, we couldn’t find this gift!
    Sorry about that

    I’ve contacted Zynga so many times and I have not been able to post for over 6 months now. Basically this ruins the game because you have to post for everything, challenges, missions etc. I’ve tried the so called bandaid at Zynga as well and no luck. Any advice or help is appreciated!

  7. I really want to join the add me fridays community thing but never have seen a pop-up asking to join.And the pop-up asking about adding all 5 neighbors never has any people in it. I don’t know what to do.

  8. I am assuming this works only if one is playing through Facebook. If so why is that information not included? Playing through there is no “Home” link to click. sigh…

  9. Are you kidding me? With all the work we need to do now they want us to jump through more hoops in order to get the help we ask for?!!? And they make it sound like they are being oh-so-nice for sharing this information. They are the computer brains behind the game, why do they not set it up so it goes to all the people we share the game with; isn’t that what we thought was happening all along?!!? And why oh why do they not allow us to delete people we know are not playing the game anymore? I have over a hundred people who don’t play so when I send out requests many of them go to people who are not there.

    • i can not get friend as neighbours been playing farmville2 since 15/10/16 only got walter marie barbara

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