Improve Baby Bottle Feeding in Farmville 2

Farmville 2 has just recently implemented a new update for raising baby animals. The update was made to improve the way we raise baby animal to adult hood. It is now more easier and faster. Unlike before, when raising a baby animal to adulthood, we need to feed the baby with a feeding bottle one at a time. Plus we need to wait after the cool down of 5 sec in order to feed it again.

Now we can feed it in one instance as long as we have enough baby bottles to make it grow. This feature not only save time in raising it, it is now made it easier.

You can now see how baby bottles you still have and how many you will need to feed the baby.


Then in one click you can feed the baby the required number of baby bottles.


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2 thoughts on “Improve Baby Bottle Feeding in Farmville 2

  1. you can make it easier when we can make self bottles off milk ,we produce milk by cows and goats put it in bottles and we have our own baby bottles

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