Quests Archive

The number of limited time Farmville 2 Quests starting to grow as we received two to three new quests every week. And because of this we started this page so you can track of what is currently active and what was previously released. This guide may help you as a reference on what to prepare and how to approach the quest. Please enjoy and we hope it will help you to finish the missions.

Quests Archive

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—— Current Active —-

Soapbox Shenanigans Quests (11th August 2015)

To The Races Quests (4th August 2015)


—– Previously Ended Quests —–

Show Those Shards Quests (28th July 2015)

Fun in the Sun Quests (21st July 2015)

A Skylight for Starlight Quests (14th July 2015)

Out of the Shadow Quests (7th July 2015)

Water Wars Quests (30th June 2015)

On the Side, Now Occupied Quests (23rd June 2015)

As Smooth as Milk Quests (16th June 2015)

In-Waist-Igations Quests (9th June 2015)

Slow and Steady Quests (2nd June 2015)

We Were Snailing Along Quests (26th May 2015)

 Almost Farm-ous Quests (19th May 2015)

Slip and Slide Quests (12th May 2015)

 A Different Beat  (5th May 2015)

A Mother’s Day Surprise Quests (28th April 2015)

A Basket for Crickets Quests (21st April 2015)

Tail of the Tape Quests (14th April 2015)

Making a Splash Quests (7th April 2015)

Groomer Has It Quests (31st March 2015)

Flower Power Quests (24th March 2015)

Dessert Pros Quests (17th March 2015)

Birds I View Quests (10th March 2015)

Don’t Stop Beleafing Quests (3rd March 2015)

County Full of Colors Quests (24th February 2015)

Birds, Bees and the B&B Quests (17th February 2015)

After the Storm Comes a Scare Quests (10th February 2015)

A Valiant Valentine Venture Quests (27th January 2015)

Mini Maze Craze Quests (20th January 2015)

Til Help Do Us Part Quests (13th January 2015)

Heart And Home Quests (6th January 2015)

New Beginnings Quests  (30th December 2014)

A Band Unmanned Quests (23rd December 3014)

B&B Makeover Holiday Quests (16th December 2014)

Ice Breaker Quests (9th December, 2014)

Otter Jewelry for the Holidays Quests (2nd December, 2014)

Walter the Scarecrow Quests (Nov 18, 2014)

Owl Be Back Quests (Nov 11, 2014)

Ostrich Optimization Quests (Nov 4, 2014)

Petting Zoo Hullabaloo  Quests (Oct 28, 2014)

Something Spooky This Way Comes Quests (Oct 22, 2014)

In The Nick Of Time Quests (16th October 2014)

That’s How The Cookie Crumbles! Quests (14th October 2014)

Fall Festival Fever Quests (7th October 2014)

Fall Harvest Festival (9th October 2014)

Early Birds Quests (30th September 2014)

Rodeo Round-up! Quests (2nd October 2014)

Rocks For Walter Quests (23rd September 2014)

Rhinestone Cowboy Quests (18th September 2014)

Cultivating Values Quests (16th September 2014)

Pastry Perfection Quests (9th September 2014)

Chagrin at the Inn Quests (4th September 2014)

Mayor May Not Quests (2nd September 2014)

Camp Appaloosa Archery Contest  (26th August 2014)

Pheasant Uprising Quests (31st August 2014)

Ladybug Tea Party (19th August 2014)

Firefly Fancy Quests (21st August 2014)

Campaign Strain (15th August 2014)

Fun Raiser (12th August 2014)

A Pheasant Perch (5th August 2014)

Pheasant Festivities (7th August 2014)

Driving Donkey Quests (31st July 2014)

Party People Quests (29th July 2014)

Tree Farming Quests (24th July 2014)

Raising a Ruckus Quests (15th July 2014 to 29th July, 2014)

The Handyman Can (7th July 2014)

Sheep Racing Quests (July 8 – July 22, 2014)

Dash for Cash (10 July 2014)

To Run or Not To Run Quests (1 July 2014)

Farm Family Quests (4 July 2014)

Elective Ambitions Quests (26 June 2014)

Reception Perception (24 June to 8 July 2014)

Start Making Cents Quests (19 June 2014)

Later Cater Quests (17 June – July 1 2014)

Poetry in Efficiency Quests (31 May 2014)

Doily Toily Quests (10 June – 24 June 2014)

The Great Dairy Debacle Quests (5 June 2014)

Wedding Advice Quests (3 June 2014)

The Need for Feed Quests (27 May 2014 to 10 June 2014)

Summer Cleaning Quests (29 May 2014)

Do It With Gusto Quests (22 May 2014)

Berry Delightful Quests (20 May 2014)

Party Problems Quests (15 May 2014)

The Lavender Cinema Social Quests (24 May 2014)

Petal to the Medal Quests (8 May 2014)

Walter & The Engagement Ring Quests (13 May 2014 – 27 May 2014)

Market Run Quests (8 May 2014)

Animal Care Quests (6 May 2014 to 20 May 2014)

Coin Challenge Quests (1 May, 2014)

A Timeless Classic Quests (29 April 2014)

Derby Dates and Deadlines Quest  (25 April 2014)

Mother’s Day Memories Quests (22 April 2014 to 6 May 2014)

Froggie Went A-Courting Quests (14 April 2014 to May 2014)

Mother’s Day Memories Quests
Mother’s Day Memories Quests
Farmville 2 The Lavender Cinema Social Quests

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