Unrelease Farmville 2 Farm Essential Items

Here’s an early look of some of the unrelease Farmville 2 items that will be release soon. The theme for this release will be Farmville 2 Farm Essentials. The set include a limited time only crop, and a set of good number of new recipe to craft.







Red Huckleberry Tree Sweet Fairchild Jackfruit Tree Seven Son Flower Tree



Baby Payoya Goat Adult Payoya Goat Prized Payoya Goat


Baby Hampshire Sheep Adult Hampshire Sheep Prized Hampshire Sheep


Baby Telemark Cow Adult Telemark Cow Prized Telemark Cow



Apron Clothes Line Farm Tool Display Milk Jug Cart
Hay Roll



Seven Son Flower Wreath Seven Son Flower Bookmark Seven Son Flower Bouquet
Jimi’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies Prinsesse’s Danish Pancakes Sweet Fairchild Jackfruit Patties
Prinsesse’s Danish Pancakes Strawberries and Whipped Cream Boysenberry Jam
Red Huckleberry Pie Cream Cheese Pesto Pizza
Pizza Crust Carol’s Tuscan Pizza

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