Valentines in Farmville 2 Recipe’s, Items for Limited Time

Valentine’s day is surely just around the corner in Farmville 2 as a new group of limited edition items was just release for this holiday. There are six new recipe in the Crafting Kitchen, three new recipe in the Craft shop and a set of limited edition animals, crops and decorations was included.


Valentine’s day theme Items:

Red Rose, Romantic Retreat, Cupid Fountain

Baby Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken, Almond Tree, Camelia Japonica Tree

Silver-Pied Spalding Peacock, Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken, Baby Silver-Pied Spalding Peacock

Be My Valentine Scarecrow, Pink Romantic Sky Lanterns, Purple Romantic Sky Lanterns


Valentine’s Day theme Kitchen recipe in Farmville 2:

Candied Rose Petals = Confectioners Sugar (ask friends) x3 and Red Rose x5

Milk Chocolate = Cocoa Nibs (ask friends) x3 and Milk x5

Valentines = Milk Chocolates x3 and Candied Rose Petal x1


Rose Cupcake (2040 coins) = Batter x2 and Red Rose x12

Almond Candy (2500 coins) = Sugar (ask friends) x5 and Almond x8

Almond Cake (3100 coins) = Flour x2 and Almond x14


Valentine’s Day Craftshop Recipe:

Rose Bouquet (1800 coins) = Flask x3 (ask friends) and Red Rose x12

Valentine’s Day Wreath (2510 coins) = Wool Thread Spindle x1 and Camellia Japonicas x8

Camellia Scented Bag (3010 coins) = Wool Bolt x2 and Camellia Japonica x6

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