Wedding Gazebo Coming Soon in Farmville 2 Event

It looks like we gonna have a month long event as we will build a Farmville 2 Wedding Gazebo. This will be the new feature Farmville 2 as we welcome the Wedding Month of June. There’s no surprise that Walter and Barbara will tie the knot and Farmville 2 will commemorate this event by having a month long (4 week feature).

The Farmville 2 Wedding Gazebo will be a four week feature and will give some exciting reward once a players completed the task of the week. The final reward will be a White Marwari Horse. Check out the preview below. This may give you an idea and prepare ahead.

Wedding Gazebo

A brief introduction of the Wedding Gazebo:

  • Build a Wedding Gazebo!
  • Decorate it for Barbara and Walter’s dream wedding!
  • Earn a White Marwari Horse.

Build the Farmville 2 Wedding Gazebo

Build the Wedding Gazebo:

Once you entered the game a popup message will appear and after the short popup message, the feature will start when you placed the Wedding Gazebo frame.

Wedding Gazebo


After placing it you will then see what materials it will need to complete it.

Wedding Gazebo Materials


As we can see we will need 10 Purple Paint, 10 Red Carpets and 10 River Rocks.

Purple Paint Red Carpets River Rocks

Purple Paint, Red Carpets and River Rocks


After gathering enough parts we can now start completing the Farmville 2 Wedding Gazebo, we will need several helpers to complete it so we will then need to ask our friends if they can help. Once we have enough help we will now have a completed Wedding Gazebo.

There will be different stages of Wedding Gazebo and in the picture below you can see the initial Wedding Gazebo.

Wedding Gazebo


And this will be the final stage:

Wedding Gazebo Final


Each week there will be rewards for completing the Wedding Gazebo:

Wedding Paver Wedding Paver 

Wedding Paver


Wedding Lights

Wedding Lights


Wedding Table Fountain

Wedding Table Fountain


White Marwari Horse

White Marwari Horse

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