Farmville 2 Kitchen Guide and Recipe List

Improve your farm income by planning which crops to plant and which recipe to craft. This Farmville 2 Kitchen Recipe list will give you an idea and help you plan which recipe gives higher yield and which crop is the most used. As new recipe is added in Farmville 2 we will continue to update this page.

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Kitchen Recipes


Recipe Ingredients Ingredients Sell Xp
Acorn Bread Acorn Flour
Acorn Bread Acorns x8 Flour x1 1110 8
Acorn Cake Acorn Bread Butter
Acorn Cake Acorn Bread x1 Butter x1 1380 11
Acorn Cake Acorn Cake Butter
Acorn Cupcake Acorn Cake x1 Butter x1 4140 26
Agave Syrup Agave Agave
Agave Syrup Agave x4 Agave x4 2290 13
Alfalfa Bunny Biscuit Alfalfa Hay Basket Wheat
Alfalfa Bunny Biscuit Alfalfa Hay Basket x3 Wheat x10 1
Alfalfa Salad Dressed Tomato Alfalfa
Alfalfa Salad Dressed Tomato x2 Alfalfa x12 2520 16
Alfalfa Sandwich Flour Alfalfa
Alfalfa Sandwich Flour x3 Alfalfa x10 2540 17
Angel Food Cake Fluffy Batter Sugar
Angel Food Cake Fluffy Batter x1 Sugar x3 2690 15
Anise Cookies Anise Batter
Anise Cookies Anise x10 Batter x2 3670 24
Apple Filling Apple Apple Juice
Apple Filling Apples x4 Apple Juice x1 470 5
Apple Juice Apple Water
Apple Juice Apples x4 Water x1 260 3
Apple Pie Apple Filling Pie Crust
Apple Pie Apple filling x1 Pie crust x1 1300 14
Apple Scone Apple Batter
Apple Scone Apples x6 Batter x1 640 7
Apricot Triffle Apricot Heavy Cream
Apricot trifle Apricots x6 Heavy cream x1 3380 19
Asparagus Quiche Asparagus Pie Crust
Asparagus Quiche Asparagus x20 Pie crust x2 8030 50
Asparagus Soup Asparagus Broth
Asparagus Soup Asparagus x7 Broth x2 4230 25
Baby Bunny Formula Milk Baby Bottle
Baby Bunny Formula Milk x8 Baby bottle x4 1
Baby Ginger Cookies Batter Baby Ginger
Baby Ginger Cookies Batter x2 Baby Ginger x8 3350 22
Baby Goat Formula Baby Bottle Pumpkin
Baby Goat Formula Baby bottle x2 Pumpkins x10 4
Baked Custard Custard Brown Egg
Baked Custard Custard x2 Brown Egg x8 3050 24
Banana Bread OatMeal Oatmeal Banana Cream
Banana Bread Oatmeal Oatmeal x2 Banana Cream x1 19250 106
Banana Cream Banana Heavy Cream
Banana Cream Bananas x3 Heavy cream x1 1310 9
Banana Cream Cake Banana Cream Rye Flour
Banana Cream Cake Banana Cream x1 Rye Flour x4 4440 30
Banana Cream Pie Banana Cream Pie Crust
Banana Cream Pie Banana Cream x1 Pie crust x1 2410 20
Barbeque Sauce Tomato Paste Black Pepper
Barbeque Sauce Tomato Paste x2 Black Pepper x3 3150 19
Barley Batter Barley Flour Crate of Eggs
Barley Batter Barley Flour x1 Crate of Eggs x1 2910 18
Barley Flour Barley Barley
Barley Flour Barley x3 Barley x3 1790 10
Barrel of Pumpkin Scones Giant Pumpkin Sugar
Barrel of Pumpkin Scones Giant Pumpkins x10 Sugar x5 7250 42
Batter Flour Egg
Batter Flour x1 Eggs x3 290 4
Bell Pepper Egg-in-a Hole Red Bell Pepper Egg
Bell Pepper Egg-in-a Hole Red Bell Pepper x10 Egg x4 4360 23
Berry Custard Blueberry Custard
Berry Custard Blueberries x3 Custard x1 330 4
Berry Marmalade Blackberry Blueberry
Berry Marmalade Blackberry x15 Blue Berries x15 3000 16
Balckberry Cream Blackberry Jam Milk
Blackberry Cream Blackberry Jam x1 Milk x8 1330 10
Blackberry Cream Cake Balckberry Cream Bread
Blackberry Cream Cake Blackberry Cream x1 Bread x1 2710 21
Blackberry Jam Blackberry Sugar
Blackberry Jam Blackberry x4 Sugar x1 660 7
Blood Orange Gallete Blood Ortange Sugar
Blood Orange Galette Blood Orange x10 Sugar x2 1460 10
Berry Custard Pie Crust
Blueberry Tart Berry Custard x1 Pie crust x1 1010 13
Bread Dough x1 Salt x2 600 8
Brie Milk x15 Salt x3 3000 16
Broccoli Quiche Cheese x1 Broccoli x4 1130 8
Broccoli Stir-Fry Broccoli x8 Broth x4 9540 53
Broth Water x3 Onions x6 420 4
Bunny Yogurt treat Yogurts x6 Pumpkins Filling x1 2
Butter Milk Milk
Butter Milk x1 Milk x1 180 2
Butter Milk
Butter milk Butter x1 Milk x3 450 5
Cabbage Salad Cabbage x5 Pepper x2 3310 18
Carrot Bread Carrots x2 Batter x1 1000 9
Carrot Cake Carrot bread x1 Frosting x1 1940 17
Cattail Rice Cattail x6 Steamed Rice x2 12350 65
Cattail Soup Cattail x8 Broth x1 3890 22
Giant Pumpkin Milk
Cauldron of Pumpkin Soup Giant Pumpkins x12 Milk x8 5280 28
Celery Soup Celeries x12 Half and Half x2 6510 36
Cheddar Loaf Cheese x2 Bread x1 1230 11
Cheese Grits Corn Meal x5 Cheese x6 8270 48
Cheese Quiche Cheese x1 Egg x4 540 4
Cheese Sauce Cheese x8 Truffle Oil x2 4420 26
Rye Flour
Cherry Cobbler Rye flour x2 Cherries x6 3650 22
Cherry Limeade Limeade x1 Cherries x4 5720 32
Cilantro Cornbread Muffin Corm Meal x3 Cilantro x8 5850 34
Citrus Salad Grape fruit x14 Orange x20 6820 36
Tomato Paste
Cocktail Sauce Horseradishes x12 Tomato Paste x2 2930 18
Coleslaw Cabbage Salad x1 Vinegar x1 5710 32
Corn Meal Corn x4 Corn x4 230 3
Cornbread Corn Meal x1 Butter milk x1 930 9
Crabapple Bread Egg x12 Crabapples x11 3040 17
Cranberry Bread Cranberries x10 Bread x1 5020 30
Cranberry Muffin Cranberries x8 Batter x2 4040 26
Cranberry Oatmeal Oatmeal x1 Cranberry x6 3370 21
Crate of Eggs Egg Brown Egg
Crate of Eggs Eggs x5 Brown eggs x5 1000 5
Heavy Cream
Creamy Coleslaw Coleslaw x1 Heavy Cream x1 13590 73
Crème Brulee Custard x1 Brown Sugar x4 1100 8
Brown Egg
Crustless Egg White Quiche Cheese Quiche x1 Brown Egg x10 3160 24
Cucumber Watercress Salad Watercress x6 Cucumber x6 3290 18
Custard Egg Milk
Custard Eggs x2 Milk x1 240 3
Desert Fresca Yucca Fruits x8 Sugar x2 1850 13
Deviled Eggs Red Egg x8 Paprika x3 2980 16
Flour Water
Dough Flour x1 Water x2 240 4
Doughnuts Rye Batter x1 Butter x1 1860 14
Duck Potato Chips Duck Potatos x10 Salt x5 4090 22
Duck Potato Salad Duck Potatos x12 Onion x10 4120 22
Duck Potato Soup Duck Potatos x8 Broth x2 4400 25
Egg Drop Soup Red Egg x6 Broth x2 2770 17
Egg Roll Rice Paper x2 Cabbage Salad x1 19790 107
Egg Egg
Egg Salad Eggs x6 Eggs x6 870 6
Eggplant Casserole Celeries x14 Eggplant x14 6020 32
Espresso Coffe Bean x2 Water x1 1690 10
Fig Cake Fig Filling x1 Flour x2 730 8
Fig Filling Figs x 4 Figs x4 490 4
Flour Wheat Wheat
Flour Wheat x2 Wheat x2 90 2
Fluffy Batter Batter Brown Egg
Fluffy Batter Batter x1 Brown egg x9 2090 20
Fried Mashua Mashua x10 Butter x3 3450 22
Frosted Mint Cake Mint Cake x1 Frosting x1 12660 69
Butter Sugar
Frosting Butter x1 Sugar x1 400 6
Ginger bread Gingers x8 Bread x1 2830 19
Glazed Purple Dragon Carrot Sugar x3 purple Dragon Carrots x14 4530 24
Glazed Walnut Scones Walnut Batter x1 Sugar x3 5720 35
Goat Cheese and Truffle Crostini RusticTruffle Oil Bread x1 Goat Cheese x2 3500 23
Goat Cheese Sandwich Goat Cheese x5 Bread x1 2420 17
Goat Cheese Tart Milk x5 Goat Cheese x5 1500 8
Goat Chesse and Truffle Crostini Rustic Truffle Crostini x1 Goat Cheese x2 3500 23
Graham Crackers Flour x8 Brown Sugar x2 2580 16
Milk Milk
Half and Half Milk x 3 Milk x3 590 4
Heavy Cream Milk Sugar
Heavy Cream Milk x2 Sugar x2 560 6
Hibiscus Lemonade Hibiscus x12 Lemonade x1 3090 19
Hibiscus Scone Hibiscus x12 Batter x1 3020 19
Honey Custard Honey x2 Eggs x3 810 6
Honey Fig Custard Figs x3 Honey custard x1 1550 10
Honey Fig Tart Honey Fig Custard x1 Batter x1 2740 19
Honeydew Basket Melon Baller x2 Honeydew Melons x6 1860 11
Berry Custard
Honeydew Gazpacho Berry Custard x2 Honeydew Melons x6 3170 21
Honeydew Peach Jam Peach x2 Honeydew Melons x6 1710 10
Honeydew Smoothie Lemon Water x2 Honeydew Melons x6 2320 15
Honeysuckle Ice Cream Honey suckle x12 Ice cream x1 4190 24
Horseradish Cheese Horseradishes x10 cheese x 5 3290 18
Horseradish sauce Horseradishes x10 Milk x10 3180 17
Ice Cream Half and Half x1 Sugar x2 1110 8
Iced Fig Cake Fig Cake x1 Sugar x5 2430 18
Tomato Paste
Jalapeno Gazpacho Jalapeno pepper x8 Tomato Paste x3 4330 26
Jalapeno Pull Bread Jalapeno pepper x12 Bread x1 4670 28
Kids Goat Formula Baby goat formula x1 Apple x5 9
Ladyfingers Batter x1 Vanilla Beans x4 1370 10
Lavender Batter Rye Batter x1 Lavenders x6 3580 21
Lavender Bunny Biscuit Lavender Hay Basket x3 Apples x8 1
Lemon curd Lemons x25 Eggs x15 2260 13
Lemon Lavender Scones Lavender Batter x1 Lemon curd x1 7030 41
Lemon Meringue Filling Red egg Carton x1 Lemons x1 1200 4
Pie Crust
Lemon Meringue Pie Lemon meringue x1 Pie crust x1 2400 22
Lemon Water Lemons x2 Water x1 150 2
Lemonade Lemon Water x1 Lemons x4 350 4
Lime Water Limes x4 Water x1 1400 8
Limeade Lime water x1 Limes x7 3720 21
Barley Batter
Loaf of Barley Bread Barley Batter x2 Butter Milk x1 7570 47
Loganberry Cake Longanberries x14 Batter x2 5800 24
Pie Crust
Loganberry Pie Loganberries x10 Pie Crust x1 5870 35
Loganberry Yogurt Longanberries x12 Yogurts x8 5130 27
Lotus bun Dry Lotuses x1 Rice flour x3 7040 41
Lotus Chips Dry Lotuses x12 Salt x5 6190 32
Lotus Paste Dry Indian Lotuses x3 Dry Indian Lotuses X3 1690 10
Lugano Quiche Swiss Cheese Quiche x1 Olives x10 3120 19
Macadamia Cookies Oatmeal x1 Macadamia Nut x4 9640 53
Pie Crust
Macadamia Nut Tart Pie Crust x1 Macadamia Nut x6 7210 42
Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni Noodles x1 Cheese Sauce x2 21770 118
Macaroni Noodles Quinoa Flour x1 Flour x1 4080 23
Mango Angel Fruit Cake Angel Food Cake x1 Mangoes x6 4940 24
Mango Muffin Mangoesx6 Batter x1 1540 11
Maple Scone Batter x2 Maple x8 4020 26
Heavy Cream
Mascarpone Heavy Cream x1 Lemon x12 1280 9
Mashua Mash Mashua x12 Milk x12 2510 14
Mashua Soup Mashua x8 Broth x2 3040 19
Barley Batter
Mint Cake Barley Batter x6 Mint Extract x1 6360 34
Mint Extract Sprigs of Mint x4 Sprigs of Mint x4 4060 22
Nutmeg Cookie Nutmeg x6 Batter x1 2730 17
Nutty Lime Bark Lime Water x2 Macadamia Nut x4 8050 44
Oat Bunny Biscuit Oat Hay Basket x3 Sunflower x10 1
Flour Sugar
Oat Cookie Flour x1 Sugar x2 25 8
Oatmeal Heavy Cream
Oatmeal Oats x8 Heavy Cream x2 2450 16
Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies Cranberry Oatmeal x1 Quinoa Flour 13780 74
Oatmeal Crème Brulee Oatmeal x1 Crème Brulee 1 8810 51
Orange cupcake Orange Icing x1 Batter x1 780 10
Orange Icing Oranges x3 Butter x1 340 4
Peach lemonade Peaches x6 Lemonade x1 1030 9
Peach Muffin Peaches x10 Batter x1 1410 11
Rye Flour
Pear tart Rye Flour x3 Pears x2 3540 22
Pecan Muffin Pecans x5 Batter x1 1200 9
Peppered Mashed Potatoes Potatoes x8 Black Pepper x3 3480 19
Pickled Asparagus Asparagus x10 Salt x6 5290 30
Pickled Romanesco Cauliflower Romanesco Cauliflower x10 Pickling Spice x4 3500 19
Pico de Gallo Tomatoes x8 Cilantro x8 2640 15
Pie Crust Flour Butter
Pie Crust Flour x2 Butter x1 380 6
Pineberry Cupcake Pineberries x14 Batter x1 5070 29
Pineberry Smoothie Pineberry x12 Lemon Water x1 4610 26
Pineberry Tart Pineberry x10 Custard x1 4040 23
Pink Rose Cake Pink Rose Water x2 Soy Batter x2 21130 115
Pink Rose Truffles Pink Rose x6 Red Egg Carton x2 9840 53
Pink Rose Water Pink Rose x8 Water x4 3620 20
Pinon Bread Pinon Nuts x10 Flour x2 2310 15
Plum betty Batter x1 Plums x7 2620 17
Pie Crust
Plum pie Plum x8 Pie crust x1 3000 20
Pot Stickers Rice Flour x3 Water Chestnuts x10 9340 51
Potato roll Flour x1 Potatoes x10 2170 13
Potato Salad Eggs x4 Potatoes x 8 2040 12
Agave Syrup
Protein Bar Agave Syrup x1 Quinoa Batter x1 7600 43
Pumpkin Filling Pumpkins x4 Pumpkins x4 250 3
Pie Crust
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Filling x1 Pie crust x1 860 11
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin x12 Broth x1 2740 15
Purple Asparagus Salad Purple Asparagus x10 Goat Cheese x6 3000 16
Purple Asparagus Soup Purple Asparagus x8 Broth x2 3630 22
Purple Dragon Carrot Cake Batter x1 Purple Dragon Carrots x8 4530 25
Purple Dragon Carrot Smootie Water x3 purple Dragon carrots x14 4810 26
Crate of Eggs
Quinoa Batter Quinoa Flour x1 Crate of Eggs x1 4650 27
Quinoa Breakfast Muffin Raspberries x10 Quinoa Batter x1 9780 53
Quinoa Flour Quinoa x5 Quinoa x5 3450 19
Rainbow Candy Corn Glass Gem Corn x14 Sugarx3 5030 27
Rainbow corn Fritters Glass corn x14 Batter x2 4670 29
Tomato Paste
Rainbow Corn Salsa Glass Gem Corn x10 Tomato Paste x1 4330 24
Raspberry Bing Salad Raspberry Vinaigrette x2 Spinach Salad x2 20520 110
Raspberry Jelly Doughnuts Doughnuts x1 Spiced Preserves x1 8360 48
Raspberry Limeade Limeade x1 Raspberry x10 8940 48
Barley Batter
Raspberry Linzer Cookies Barley Batter x1 Raspberry x14 9400 51
Raspberry Vinaigrette Raspberries x6 Vinegar x1 4150 23
Red Bell pepper Relish Red Bell pepper x10 Sugar x4 4030 22
Red egg Carton Red Egg x3 Red Egg x3 1100 7
Rice Flour Dry rice x2 Dry rice x2 560 4
Rice Paper Soybeans x10 Rice Flour x2 4680 27
Rice Porridge Rice x10 Broth x1 4010 23
Rice Pudding Rice x12 Half and Half 4260 24
Rice Pudding dry Rice x12 Half and half x1 4260 24
Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower Romanesco Cauliflower x10 Onion x10 3530 19
Romanesco Cauliflower Curry Romanesco Cauliflower x10 Broth x2 4870 28
Rustic truffle oil Bread Truffle oil x1 Batter x1 1520 12
Rye Flour Egg
Rye Batter Rye Flour x1 Eggs x14 1530 10
Rye Flour
Rye Flour Rye x2 Rye x2 520 4
Sauteed Watercress and Radishes Watercress x10 Radish x10 3750 20
Savory Broccoli Quiche Broccoli Quiche x1 Salt x3 2490 16
Savory Swiss Cheese Soup Swiss cheese soup x1 Salt x3 3530 21
Scalloped Turnips Turnips x10 Butter x1 2370 14
Scrambled Egg Muffin Red Egg x8 Batter x1 2530 16
Sliced Baby Ginger Baby Ginger x10 Baby Ginger x10 3680 20
Crate of Eggs
Soy Batter Soy milk x1 Crate of Eggs x1 3090 19
Soy milk Soy beans x3 Soy beans x3 1940 11
Spiced Preserves Raspberries x8 Gingers x12 4770 25
Spicy Salsa Pepper x8 Pico de Gallo x1 9600 50
Spinach Filling Cheese x4 Spinach x5 1650 10
Rye Flour
Spinach Pinwheel Rye Flour x3 Spinach filling x1 4160 26
Spinach Salad Spinach x6 Goat Cheese x4 2100 12
Rye Flour
Squash Dinner Roll Rye Flour x1 Squash x20 4280 24
Squash Soup Squash x15 Milk x 25 5140 27
Steamed Rice Rice x6 Rice x6 3600 19
Tomato Paste
Stir Fry Celery Celeries x8 Tomato Paste x4 6400 37
Strawberry Angel Food Cake Angel food cake x1 Strawberries x8 4020 22
Strawberry Ice Cream Ice Cream x1 Strawberries x8 3090 19
Strawberry Lemonade Strawberries x5 Lemonade x1 630 7
Pie Crust
Strawberry Pie Strawberries x10 Pie crust x1 1030 11
Strawberry Yogurt Yogurts x4 Strawberries x7 920 6
Strawberry Yogurt Filling Strawberry Yogurt x1 Sugar x3 1770 10
Pie Crust
Strawberry Yogurt Pie Strawberry Yogurt x1 Pie crust x1 3150 21
Stuffed Dates Mascarpone x1 Dates x8 4950 28
Stuffed Jalapeno Jalapeno x10 Cheese x 8 4310 23
Stuffed Red Bell peppers Red Bell pepper x10 Dry rice x4 4040 22
Sugared Cranberries Dry Cranberries x14 Sugar x5 4120 22
Sunflower Bread Sunflower x5 Bread x1 1350 11
Sunflower Cookies Sunflowers x14 Batter x2 1970 15
Pie Crust
Sweet Potato Pie Sweet potatoes x10 Pie crust x1 3750 124
Swiss Cheese Cheese Soup Broth x1 Swiss Cheese x4 1140 8
Swiss Cheese Fondue Milk x5 Swiss Cheese x5 2300 13
Swiss Cheese Loaf Milk x5 Swiss Cheese x3 2000 8
Swiss Cheese Quiche Cheese Quiche x1 Swiss Cheese x3 1100 8
Tea Sandwich Cucumber Watercress Salad x1 Goat Cheese Sandwich x1 10170 57
Teen Goat Formula Kid goat formula x1 Eggplants x8 21
Giant Pumpkin Pie Crust
Three Tier Pumpkin Pie Giant Pumpkins x14 Pie Crust x1 4790 25
Tiramisu Ladyfingaers x2 Espresso x2 18180 100
Tomato Paste
Tomato and Corn Salsa Corn x14 Tomato Paste x1 2020 13
Tomato Paste
Tomato Paste Tomatoes x4 Tomatoes x4 120 2
Tomato Paste Broth
Tomato Soup Tomato paste x1 Broth x1 700 7
Tortilla Corn Meal x3 Cilantro x10 3820 24
Tropical Cupcake Tropical Oatmeal x1 Quinoa Flour x2 19450 103
Tropical Oatmeal Oatmeal x1 Mango x8 4010 25
Truffle Oil Truffle x4 Flash x3 1130 7
Tomato Paste
Turnip Stew Turnip x12 Tomato Paste x1 2140 13
Heavy Cream
Vanilla Cream Vanilla Extract x2 Heavy Cream x4 8910 48
Pie Crust
Vanilla Cream Pie Vanilla Cream x1 Pie Crust x2 19610 111
Vanilla Extract Vanilla Beans x10 Vanilla Beans x10 3890 21
Vegetable Burrito Pico de Gallo x1 Tortilla x2 21620 119
Vegetable Kabobs Onions x8 Skewer x2 2020 12
Vinegar Rice x8 Yeast x4 1810 11
Walnut Batter Rye Batter x1 Walnuts x8 4020 24
Walnut Pinwheel Soy Batter x2 Walnuts x4 8980 52
Walnut Stuffed Dates Stuffed Dates x1 Walnuts x6 8590 47
Wasabi Dressing Wasabi paste x2 Milk x10 6750 37
Wasabi Egg Salad Wasabi paste x1 Egg salad x1 6370 35
Wasabi nuts Wasabi paste x2 Pecans x9 6550 36
Wasabi paste Dry Wasabi x2 Dry Wasabi x2 1410 9
Wasabi Rice Chips Wasabi Paste x1 Rice flour x3 7530 43
Water Chestnut Cake Water Chestnuts x10 Batter x3 10520 60
Watercress Orange Salad Watercress x12 Orange x8 3960 21
Watercress Potato Salad Potato Salad x3 Watercress x4 10680 58
Watercress Soup Watercress x8 Broth x2 4140 24
Pie Crust
Wild Plum Tart Pie Crust x1 Wild Plumx 14 2770 19
Wild Rice Stuffed Squash Squash x4 Wild Rice x6 4590 24

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