Farmville 2 Sweethearts Farm Story Chapter 3

Farmville 2 My Family Farm is now available in game. Players has the new family feature where a partner or sweetheart will help in their farm. There will be a series of training the player must complete in order to fully utilize this new feature.

This guide covers the Chapter 3 of the Farm Story Quests where your sweetheart will train for Pearl Diving and Tree Pruning. We listed all the requirements so that you can plan and prepare ahead. You can access your progress by clicking the Family Farmhouse.

 Farmville 2 Farm Story Chapter 3

Pearl Diving



1. Complete Foraging Jobs 6 Foraging Jobs to find rare mushrooms!

2. Raise Baby Swan 1 Baby Swan for graceful swimming tips.

3. Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bar. Swimming is hard work!

4. Craft Pearl Inserter 5 Pearl Inserter to get more freshwater pearls from mussels.

5. Dry Rice 20 Rice from the river.

6. Ask your friends for Water Bottle 5 Water Bottle.

7. Craft Jewelry String 5 Jewelry String to make jewelry with the pearls you’ll find!

8. Earn Country Fair Points 200 Country Fair Points by fertilizing your crops and trees!

9. Craft Sauteed White Mushrooms 3 Sauteed White Mushrooms with your foraged mushrooms!

10. Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves. Opening mussels can be dangerous!

11. Raise Baby Duck 1 Baby Duck to get pointers on river diving.

12. Complete Animal Care Jobs 5 Animal Care Jobs!

13. Craft Portobello Mushroom Burger 3 Portobello Mushroom Burger from your foraged mushrooms.

14. Post for Pocket Watches 5 Pocket Watches but don’t take it in the water!

15. Harvest the Duck Storage Duck Storage building 2 times.

16. Find Prized Cranberries 4 Prized Cranberries by fertilizing your cranberries.

17. Super Feed Adult Duck 6 Adult Duck. They love to dive in the water!

18. Craft Pearl Display 5 Pearl Display to show off your finest pearls!



Tree Pruning



1. Water Trees 12 trees and then you can prune them!

2. Complete Tree Care Jobs 6 Tree Care Jobs to tend your trees.

3. Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves to keep those hands protected!

4. Craft Arborist Saddle 3 Arborist Saddle to use when pruning your trees!

5. Harvest Pecan Tree 5 Pecan Tree to make some pecan pie!

6. Ask your friends for Water Bottle 5 Water Bottle.

7. Find Rubber Trees 2 Prized Rubber from fertilizing your Rubber Trees!

8. Complete Pearl Diving Jobs 6 Pearl Diving Jobs and earn pearls!

9. Craft Pole Prunner 3 Pole Pruner to prune your trees from the ground.

10. Post for Pocket Watches 5 Pocket Watches to keep on task!

11. Prune Trees 4 Trees for a valuable heirloom harvest!

12. Harvest the Furnace Furnace or Windmill 2 times for more power!

13. Earn Country Fair Points 300 County Fair Points. Fertilize your trees for prized output!

14. Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bar. Farming is hard work!

15. Harvest the Bee Box Bee Box 2 times for sweet honey.

16. Craft Wood Chipper 2  Wood Chipper to make use of those pruned tree limbs.

17. Harvest Prized Wood 3 Prized Wood by fertilizing your Pine Trees!

18. Dry any Water Crops 30 Water Crops from the river!.

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  1. Don’t have the duck storage building. The people I emailed my issues to said to have prized ducks on my farm, and it would appear in my general store. 3 days later and with a prized duck on my farm, I’m still waiting for the prized duck storage to appear. Ever since the whole favors to get fields/groves/animal storage came into play, I haven’t been able to get a prized animal storage.

  2. How do u get these features on farmvlle2 ….and how do u get that great looking farm house down by the retired animals…or how do u get that sweetheart feature…I don’t understand how some can get these added items and the family or sweetheart farm…where do i sign up to get all of these…why do some players get everything and some nothing. I put alot of time into my farm u can go and see my farm and u will see just how much I time put into my farm….ty for your time

  3. challenge – complete 4 pruning jobs to tend your trees – can someone tell me how please been doing this for days and either i’m doing something wrong or its not working ?????

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