Farmville 2 Sweethearts Farm Story Chapter 4

Now that we have the Farmville 2 “My Family Farm” in game, part of it’s feature is having a partner or sweetheart who can help us to tend our farm. But first to fully have this feature we must train our partner in various farm jobs like the Crop Care, Tree Care, Foraging, Cave Exploration, Pearl Diving, Animal Care etc.

This guide will cover the final part (Chapter 4) of the Farm Story Quests where by you will help your sweetheart to train for the next two final job. The Cave Exploration and the Baby Animal Care.

Farmville 2 Farm Story Chapter 4

Cave Exploring



Harvest the Fertilizer Bin Fertilizer Bin 2 times.

Complete Tree Pruning Jobs 6 Tree Pruning Jobs to tend your trees.

Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves to protect those hands!

Craft Ore Buckets 2 Ore Bucket to hold all your treasures!

Earn Country Fair Points 450 Country Fair Points by fertilizing your crops and trees.

Craft Roasted King Oyster Mushrooms 1 Roasted King Oyster Mushrooms. The perfect snack before an adveture!

Ask for Working Boots 5 Working Boots. Caves can be rough on the feet!

Raise Baby Donkey 1 Baby Donkey to help you carry the ore.

Complete Foraging Jobs 6 Foraging Jobs to get rare mushrooms!

Craft Mining Pick 2 Mining Pick to pick for rare metals!

Super Feed Adult Horse 4 Adult Horse. A trusty steed will help!

Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bars to keep the family energized!

Craft White Pearl Handbag 3 White Pearl Handbag. So stunning!

Raise Baby Horse 1 Baby Horse to help pull the load!

Complete Pearl Diving Jobs 6 Pearl Diving Jobs for lovely pearls!

Prune Trees 4 of any tree to make them heirloom!

Post for Pocket Watches 5 Pocket Watches to keep track of the time in the cave.

Harvest the Horse Stable Horse Stable 2 times to pick a horse for your adventure!

Craft Lavender Pearl Necklace 1 Lavender Pearl Necklace with the pearls found from Pearl Diving!

Super Feed Baby Donkey 3 Adult Donkeys. Draught horses are especially strong!

Harvest the Furnace Furnace or Windmill 2 times for extra crafting power!

Craft Portobello Mushroom Fries 3 Portobello Mushroom Fries for a perfect snack in the cave!


Baby Animal Care



Raise Baby Rabbit 2 Baby Rabbit. Such cute balls of fluff!

Harvest the Chicken Coop Chicken Coop 2 times and pet your chickadees!

Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves and give the babies a good petting.

Craft Warming Blanket 6 Warming Blanket to keep your baby animals snug!

Earn Country Fair Points 500 County Fair Points. Prize your animals for more points!

Harvest the Goat Shelter Goat Shelter 2 times and hug all of your goats!

Ask your friends for Water Bottle 5 Water Bottles.

Raise Baby Buffalo 1 Baby Buffalo.

Feed Adult Peacock 3 Adult Peacock. Aren’t they lovely?

Craft Horse Blanket 3 Horse Blanket to keep your ponies toasty and warm!

Complete Animal Care Jobs 8 Animal Care Jobs to feed your animals.

Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bars to make it through the day!

Craft Pink Pig Toy 5 Pink Pig Toy to entertain your baby animals!

Raise Baby Cow 1 Baby Cow by feeding baby bottles.

Harvest the Rabbit Warren Rabbit Warren 2 times. Your prized rabbits will be so pleased!

Make Super Feed 8 Speed Feed for your hungry animals.

Post for Pocket Watches 5 Pocket Watches to not lose track of time!

  • This maybe a Working Glove.

Complete Cave Exploration 8 Cave Exploring Jobs.

Craft Animal Bedding 6 Animal Bedding so that your animals have snuggly beds.

Harvest the Fertilizer Bin Fertilizer Bin 2 times to make tastier animal feed!

Raise Baby Chicken 1 Baby Chicken to adulthood!

Craft Animal Toys 2 Animal Toy to play with your animals!



Town Trips



Foraging Jobs Complete 1 Foraging Job.

Baby HorseRaise 1 Baby Horse for another means of transportation!

Energy BarPost for 5 Energy Bar to keep your family energized.

Bicycle HelmetCraft 5 Bicycle Helmet to protect those noggins.

TreesWater 8 Trees to get them while they’re ripe.

Water BottleAsk your friends for 5 Water Bottles and keep the family hydrated!

Tire InflatorCraft 5 Tire Inflators to keep your bike’s tires in good shape!

Country Fair PointsEarn 500 County Fair Points by fertilizing your crops and trees!

Broccoli Stuffed MushroomsCraft 1 Broccoli Stuffed Mushrooms for a snack while in town.

Tree Care JobComplete 1 Tree Care Job.

CarrotsHarvest 30 Carrots for a snack for the horses.

Working GlovesPost for 5 Working Gloves to protect your family’s hands!

Portobello Mushroom FriesCraft 1 Portobello Mushroom Fries for a tasty snack everyone loves!

Baby CowFeed 10 Adult Cow to help pull the wagon if you need one!

Yogurt CreameryHarvest the Yogurt Creamery 2 times to sell the yogurt in town!

Pocket WatchesPost for 5 Pocket Watches to keep track of the time while in town!

Crop CareComplete 1 Crop Care job.

Bicycle BasketCraft 5 Bicycle Basket to hold town goods on the way home!

Fertilizer BinHarvest the Fertilizer Bin 3 times for some extra fertilizer!

ChickenSuper feed 5 Adult Chicken to bring some fresh eggs to town.

Ornate BellCraft 4 Ornate Bell for a nice ring on your bike.

CornWater 40 Corn and they’ll be ready to harvest when you return!





Tree Pruning JobsComplete 1 Tree Pruning job.

TreesHarvest 8 Rubber Trees. Heirloom counts too!

Energy BarPost for 5 Energy Bars to keep the family energized.

Hard HatCraft 5 Hard Hat. Always protect your head in construction zones!

WheatWater 40 Wheat for a healthy snack.

Water BottleAsk for 5 Water Bottle. Construction is rough work!

Rubber TireCraft 5 Rubber Tire for your construction vehicles.

Baby CowRaise 1 Baby Cow to help you pull those heavier items!

TrowelCraft 3 Trowel to smooth out plaster and cement.

Working GlovesPost for 5 Working Gloves and keep those hands protected!

Country Fair PointsEarn 600 County Fair Points by prizing your animals!

Animal Care JobsComplete 1 Animal Care job.

Leather PouchesCraft 3 Leather Pouches to hold any nails or small items!

Pocket WatchesPost for 5 Pocket Watches to keep track fo the time.0

Pine TreeHarvest 4 Pine Tree for some construction lumber.

Fuel PumpsHarvest the Fuel Pump 2 times to fuel your power tools.

DonkeySuper feed 6 Adult Donkeys to help carry the load.

Tape MeasureCraft 5 Tape Measure to measure everything to perfection!

BuffaloFeed 5 Adult Buffalo. They’re super sturdy!

FurnaceHarvest your windmill or furnace 2 times.

WheatHarvest 40 Wheat to craft a midday snack.

Rope WinchesCraft 6 Rope Winches to hold up any heavy items.

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