Farmville Celestial Pastures Quests 6


Zynga will be releasing the next chapter of the ongoing Celestial Pastures Quests. This will be the sixth chapter as players will be receiving this new 6 part Farmville mission for them to complete. All of the crop here are gonna be planted and harvested in the space farm extension. One of the problem players may encounter here are the unable to expand the farm big enough to accommodate the number of crops that is being asked in the later stages of the quest. Alternatively they can just opt-in in using their Instagrow reserved.

Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 1: Cane and Cradle


Get 7 Alien Baby Blankies
Harvest 100 Space Dust Sugar Cane
Harvest Space Guardian 2 Times


Baby Space Goat

Baby Space Goat, 2 Floaty Spore, 150 XP, 310 CP, 3000 Coins


Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 2: Bottle Racket


Get 8 Alien Baby Bottles
Harvest 140 Sun Fade Barley
Harvest Baby Space Goat 2 Times


Baby Elphanant

Baby Elphanant, 2 Celestial Crystal, 200 XP, 320 CP, 3500 Coins



Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 3: Changing Minds


Get 9 Alien Rattles
Harvest 170 Milky Strawberries
Make 2 Hyper Speed Thrusters


Baby Baboorine

Baby Baboorine, 2 Astro Saplings, 250 XP, 330 CP, 4000 Coins


Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 4: Reactor’s Nightmare


Get 9 Remote Controls
Harvest 200 Thuck Wheat
Master Baby Space Goat to 1 Star


Clicker Tree

Clicker Tree, 2 Floaty Spore, 300 XP, 340 CP, 4500 Coins


Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 5: Brax Machine


Get 10 WW Batteries
Harvest 240 White Dwarf Sunflower
Make 2 Wooly Socks in the Yarn Barn


Battery Rabbit

Battery Rabbit, 2 Celestial Crystals, 350 XP, 350 CP, 5000 Coins


Farmville Celestial Pastures Quest 6 Stage 6: Brax On Brax Off


Get 12 Rain Songs
Harvest 280 Dazzlers
Make 2 Milky Crepes


Space Goat

Space Goat, 2 Astro Saplings, 400 xp, 360 cp, 5500 coins

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